Miscarriage – Causes, Signs And Precautions

Pregnancy and healthy childbirth are the wishes of all pregnant women. However, there are many people who are unlucky in the face of a very painful miscarriage. Preventable miscarriage is a matter for everyone.
What is miscarriage?
Miscarriage is a condition in which a fetus is lost before the 20th week of pregnancy (after week 20, it is called stillbirth). According to statistics, up to 10-15% of all pregnancies have a miscarriage, of which, 80% of cases occur before the 12th week of pregnancy

Forms of miscarriage
Although there is miscarriage, there are different forms. In which, including:
- Complete miscarriage: A condition in which a fetus is miscarried and will leave the mother's body in a single pregnancy.
- Incomplete abortion: The embryo dies but is not ejected but will gradually eject

- Consistent miscarriage (recurrence): the case of miscarriage 3 times in a row.

Miscarriage - Causes, Signs And Precautions

However, the condition is quite rare.
- Ectopic abortion: Due to ectopic pregnancy, the egg does not nest in the uterus but in another position, more often than in the fallopian tubes. In this case, although it is not a miscarriage, it is necessary to take early intervention because it has the risk of causing serious complications, affecting both the mother and the fetus.
- Threatening miscarriage: A condition of vaginal bleeding, cramping associated with bleeding warns the risk of miscarriage.
Even though many cases occur too early, women do not realize they have a miscarriage but only think it is a late menstrual cycle.
Miscarriage is a fetal fetus that dies when it's less than 20 weeks old
Who is at high risk of miscarriage?
Any pregnant woman is at risk of miscarriage. However, if one of the following subjects, pregnant women are at higher risk of miscarriage than other women

- Age: If pregnant at an advanced age (over 35 years), pregnant women will have a higher risk of miscarriage.

Miscarriage - Causes, Signs And Precautions

Women under 35 years old have a 15% risk of miscarriage, this figure will increase to 20-35% when the mother is elected to be aged 35-45 years old. And when pregnant over 45 years old, pregnant women have up to 50% risk of miscarriage. So, get pregnant early when possible to minimize the risk of miscarriage.
- Weight problem: Pregnant women too thin or too fat also have a higher risk of miscarriage than people with normal weight.
- Smoking, drinking alcohol: If during pregnancy, mother smokes, drinks and uses drugs regularly, she will face the risk of miscarriage higher than those who lead a healthy lifestyle. .
- Use of drugs: Pregnant women should be careful when using the drug because some drugs can cause birth defects, increasing the risk of miscarriage. Ideally, consult a doctor if you are experiencing certain health problems and follow their instructions.

Miscarriage - Causes, Signs And Precautions

- Each miscarriage: Women who have had miscarriage, especially more than 2 miscarriage, the risk of miscarriage in the next time is relatively high.
- Vitamin deficiency: If during pregnancy, the mother does not eat enough, does not provide adequate vitamins and minerals, it will greatly affect the development of the fetus. In particular, vitamin D and B deficiency increase the risk of miscarriage than any other vitamin.
Causes of miscarriage
There are many causes that can lead to miscarriage, each pregnant woman has different causes. Usually, a miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy will result from fetal problems. If the miscarriage occurs in the 2nd trimester, the cause usually comes from the mother.
Of all the causes of miscarriage, there are several common causes:
Problems with the placenta
The placenta is a membrane that protects the baby from strong impacts and is also a bridge between the mother and the baby. The placenta carries out the function of transporting nutrients and oxygen from the mother's body to the developing fetus.

Miscarriage - Causes, Signs And Precautions

Therefore, if the placenta has problems, the baby's development will be affected and the most serious cause of miscarriage.
During pregnancy, mothers especially pay attention to the use of the drug because it can cause miscarriage
Chromosome problem
Up to 50% of miscarriage in the first trimester is related to chromosomes. The reason is that the process of fertilization between the egg and the sperm that creates the embryo has problems with the number of chromosomes, which can be redundant or lacking so the embryo cannot grow anymore.
Hormone imbalance
During pregnancy, hormones inside the mother's body change. There are several hormones that play a crucial role during pregnancy, such as the hormone progesterone. This hormone helps to support the placenta to attach to the wall of the uterus. If the amount of progesterone in the mother's body is too low, it will make the placenta easy to peel, causing miscarriage.
Mother's health is not guaranteed
If pregnant women have diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure .

Miscarriage - Causes, Signs And Precautions

.. there is a high risk of miscarriage. The reason is that when they suffer from these diseases, the blood flow to the uterus is limited, not enough to provide for the fetal developmental needs, causing the fetus to develop abnormally.
Mother is contagious
If during pregnancy, pregnant women have diseases such as rubella, malaria, HIV, cytomegalo virus infection, bacterial vaginosis ... will increase the risk of miscarriage because the inflammation causes the uterus to open too quickly or make the pouch Early rupture of amniotic sac.

Miscarriage - Causes, Signs And Precautions

Immune disorders
When the immune system is over- or under-worked can also cause.

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