Morning Salty – Things That Pregnant Women Need To Know

The time of morning sickness is the early stage of pregnancy, there are still cases that last to the last months. Everyone is different from morning sickness, some people have sour, sweet, salty, and other strange kinds of morning sickness. The following are things to note for pregnant mothers with morning sickness.
Is morning sickness a sign of having a son?
Since the beginning of pregnancy, morning sickness has occurred, women cannot eat bland foods and if they do not eat salty foods, pregnant women tend to have anorexia, leading to lack of nutrients for both mother and baby.
In order to determine the sex of the fetus first, it is common for the mother to say that the pregnancy of a pregnant woman is a sign of a son, but science does not have a reasonable explanation for this

Causes of morning sickness in pregnant mothers
Salinity has been identified due to two main reasons:
- The pregnant woman's body is lack of nutrition and minerals causing cravings for salty foods.
During pregnancy, hormonal changes lead to abnormal cravings, including morning sickness.
In addition, it may be due to another reason, craving for salty foods during pregnancy can be a normal feeling, when your morning sickness will go back to your taste

Pregnant women should also be alert, if craving for high-salt foods starting from before conception or prolonged after birth, can warn a number of diseases, including Addison's disease (malfunction of the adrenal glands ) or Bartter syndrome (a common kidney disease).

Morning Salty - Things That Pregnant Women Need To Know

The effects of salty eating on pregnant women and their unborn babies
- Edema: If the appetite control is not controlled, pregnant women will face the risk of increased water and salt accumulation leading to edema, increased blood pressure, dizziness, chest pain. , nausea ... More seriously, eating salty leads to the risk of pregnancy toxicity.
- Unbalance of the amount of substance in the body: Eating a lot of salt makes pregnant women always thirsty, the amount of substance in the body loses balance and is always tired.
- Reduced resistance: The habit of salty food reduces the secretion of saliva, thereby creating an environment for the bacteria to grow in the respiratory tract, leading to the resistance of the oral mucosa will be weak, so you sore throat

- Causes related diseases such as blood pressure, kidney and stomach due to prolonged salty eating.

Morning Salty - Things That Pregnant Women Need To Know

- During pregnancy, the amount of circulation in the mother's body increases, the adaptation process also occurs faster to adapt to the circulation of the umbilical base, if eating too much salty food will increase storage. The amount of sodium in the body makes my mother's heart burden. The typical symptoms occur are nervousness, discomfort, decreased urination, affecting fetal development.
- Impact on fetal development: Pregnant women eat salty food will be bad for the fetal kidneys, because the fetal kidney and digestive organs in early pregnancy are in the process of formation and development. so if you eat too much salt at this time, your baby's kidney will be damaged.
Tips for pregnant mothers safe and healthy salty
Adapt and change gradually with a light diet
Pregnant women do not need to immediately remove all salty foods from the menu because any changes in habits or preferences require a period. Mothers should do slowly, gradually to be able to adapt gradually to bland foods.
First, pregnant women can limit the use of sauces during meals or make them diluted.

Morning Salty - Things That Pregnant Women Need To Know

Along with that is reducing the amount of salt used to season foods slowly and reasonably so that the body gets used to it.
Change food processing habits: do not add much salt to porridge or soup, add green vegetables to neutralize the saltiness of the salt, lighten the dish. Increasing fiber and vitamins for the body, should eat boiled dishes instead of stir-fried, fried, braised dishes, absolutely do not eat pickles like pickles, pickled radish, salt onions ...
Limit processed salty foods
Processed foods such as oysters, dried fruit jam, potato chips, pretzels, etc. are often the favorite foods of pregnant mothers. However, these dishes contain a large amount of salt, so pregnant women should limit their intake.

Morning Salty - Things That Pregnant Women Need To Know

In case of craving for salty food, you should only take a certain amount, eat into many times and try to eat the same serving. This will help you control the sodium intake slowly.
Also avoid processed foods like sausages, sausages, cheese, dried fish, fish sauce, etc. because these foods often use more salt in processing to preserve them longer.
Increase the intake of beneficial foods
Adding more dairy products, combining eating more green vegetables and fresh fruits will help pregnant women reduce their salty eating habits. At the same time, these foods also increase many vitamins and minerals good for the health of both mother and fetus.
Drink a lot of water
Pregnant women should make a habit of drinking plenty of water during the day, if you feel light mouth, you should drink a glass of water or juice that both refreshes and helps detoxify, eliminating the amount of salt in the body.
Not to mention if drinking fruit juice without sugar will help you maintain the determination to abstain from salinity and replenish the nutrients.

Morning Salty - Things That Pregnant Women Need To Know

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