Nano Chip / Nano Chip Ergonomix – The Secret Behind Breast Implants Perfect For Women?

Overcoming all shortcomings of the previous product lines, the introduction of the Nano chip breast implants and the Ergonomix Nano Chip breast implants is considered a golden solution to help solve concerns about flattened chest, sagging breasts ... bringing round 1 Toned, beautiful natural for women. These are two lines of breast augmentation bags which are "storming" in the cosmetic surgery market recently

What is special about breast augmentation breast implants?
Nano Chip is breast implant bag of Motiva - the world leading brand in manufacturing breast implants of US Establishment Labs. This breast implant has appeared in Vietnam market since 2016 and has been recognized and licensed by the Ministry of Health.
This type of breast implant has many outstanding advantages, is trusted by many women and is appreciated by leading cosmetic experts
So what is the reason why Nano Chip breast implants are so popular? so?
Images of Nano Chip Ergonomix breast implants by Motiva.

Nano Chip / Nano Chip Ergonomix - The Secret Behind Breast Implants Perfect For Women?

Safety for the body
Nano Chip breast implants are designed with True Monobloc technology with 7 layers of sturdy covering, of which the fifth layer Blueseal is super durable, leakproof, completely protects the silicone block from escaping. Despite strong impact from outside or sudden change of pressure when boarding, you will not worry about breast implant bags being torn and losing inner gel layer causing breast augmentation complications.
In rare cases if the bag is torn, the solid gel mass remains in shape, does not invade surrounding tissues, without causing complications. For these reasons, Nano chip breast implants have been confirmed for safety and quality by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).
Nano Chip breast implants are able to stretch to many directions and recreate the original shape instantly without distortion and almost no cracking. This special feature allows the doctor to minimize breast implants and create small incisions of 2-3 cm to insert into the surgery, helping women recover quickly and create maximum aesthetic.
Resilience of True Monobloc technology from Nano Chip Ergonomix chest pocket

Adhesion ability
Nano Chip breast implants use Nano Silksurface surface, which is a combination of smooth and rough surface with more than 8000 contacts / cm2 to create extremely good adhesion to breast tissue.

Nano Chip / Nano Chip Ergonomix - The Secret Behind Breast Implants Perfect For Women?

This feature helps breast implants to be fixed and prevents preventing the process of dislocating the padded bag, limiting the formation of fibers in the long time after surgery. This is an outstanding advantage compared to other products of the same type, helping to limit complications of breast damage after surgery.
Chip attached to chest pocket
Each Nano Chip chest bag has an intelligent QID chip attached to Motiva's Safety Technology, which contains 15 information such as date of manufacture, implementation specialist, breast pocket size, etc. The doctor relies on a specialized device. from outside to get breast implant information without having to perform laparoscopic surgery or check related papers.
Specialized equipment finds information from the chip of Ergonomix breast implants.
Lifetime warranty
Nano Chip breast implants are guaranteed by Motiva for a lifetime warranty in the event of a broken or broken shell. At the same time, the cave also applies a global warranty policy in accordance with the terms of the warranty policy.

Nano Chip / Nano Chip Ergonomix - The Secret Behind Breast Implants Perfect For Women?

In case the customer has a spasm, the warranty will be replaced by a pair of equivalent padded bags. This helps to increase customers' confidence in the safety of this breast implant.
Nano Chip Ergonomix - adding new options for women
Nano Chip Ergonomix is currently the latest Motiva bag, fully integrating the advantages of conventional Nano Chip bags but improved on gel material and product flexibility. If the Nano Chip gel bag is made of ProgressiveGelTM Plus Silicone Gel, the Nano Chip Ergonomix bag is ProgressiveGelTM Ultima Silicone Gel. This is a special gel to help stabilize the breast pocket. In addition, the Nano Chip Ergonomix breast pocket has a very high level of flexibility, showing that when you stand, the bag will be in the form of water droplets, pushing up the breast, creating a beautiful protrusion, but when you lie, the bag will be evenly spread , rotate to suit your posture. This helps women always comfortable in all postures, no tension when lying down, creating a natural breast image like the real thing.
The breast changes flexibly from circular when lying and water droplets when standing.

Nano Chip / Nano Chip Ergonomix - The Secret Behind Breast Implants Perfect For Women?

Nano Chip Chip / NanoChip Ergonomix at Hopital Beauty Salon
Currently, Hopital Aesthetics has updated this modern breast implant line, helping hundreds of women own a round, soft and attractive breast.
The Nano Chip and Nano Chip Ergonomix breast augmentation procedures at Hopital Aesthetics are performed in a closed, precise manner in each operation with advanced equipment and a team of highly specialized doctors, bringing the most optimal results for customer.
Step 1: Counseling and examination
The doctor will conduct an examination for customers to understand the current breast condition, from which advice on styling and breast implants.
Step 2: Check the health
Customers will have an overall health check such as: blood test, ki.

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