Nasal Bridge Surgery

The high nasal bridge along the coconut and the slender will help to exaggerate the beauty of the entire face. But for Asians, not everyone is lucky enough to own such a nose. Therefore, the surgery to reduce the bridge of the nose is increasingly chosen by many people with the desire to have the desired nose.
The object needs to collapse the bridge of the nose
The nose is rough because the bridge of the nose is too big
The nose may be straight, but still not considered beautiful because the nose bone is too big
The wide gap between the eyes makes the bridge of the nose low and the raft large
The tip of the nose is big and thick, disproportionate.
Depending on the case of nose and different nose shape, the doctors will give suitable surgery method to achieve the highest aesthetic effect

Narrow surgical method of nose
This is a fairly complicated surgery, requiring the surgeon to be highly technical as well as knowledgeable about the anatomical structure of the nose. At Hopital cosmetic, nose-shaped plastic surgeons with many years of experience will apply the surgery separately for each case to minimize the bridge of the nose so that it is in the best harmony with the face.
For the case of a big and bulging nasal bone, Korean doctors will perform the technique of lowering the nose bone

In the case of a large nasal bridge, the distance between the eyes is too wide, the surgeon will minimize the nasal bone in combination with eye opening surgery.

Nasal Bridge Surgery

This can help the nose bridge be minimized without losing the harmony of the entire face.
In the case of large and thick nose tip and lack of proportion, Korean doctors will proceed to treat cartilage and soft tissue to shrink the tip of the nose.
Advantages when reducing nose bridge surgery in Hopital aesthetic
With good expertise and many years of experience, Korean doctors at Hopital cosmetology will perform the nose reduction surgery with the most specialized tools to minimize the invasion to help live. Natural slender nose.
Nose shape after surgery is not only beautiful forever but also very harmonious with the face.
Highly skilled doctors combined with modern aesthetic technology make the surgery quick, painless, leave no scars and above all ensure absolute safety.
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Nasal Bridge Surgery

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