Need To Detect Early Signs Of Neck Stiffness In Children

Stiff neck is the first and very early sign of an evil disease that stiffens the entire spine from the cervical spine to the lumbar spine.
Cause children with a stiff neck
Although people call this syndrome "spine stiffness syndrome", the etiology of the disease is not due to damage to the spine, nor by nervous system disorders but by the structure of the muscular system. Damaged since the mother's womb.
So far, there has been a relatively unanimous opinion that spine stiffness in this syndrome is due to muscle contraction, central origin .

.. the "selective" injury is in the stretched muscle mass of The body has resulted in loss of mobility in the spine.
The clinical manifestation is that dystrophy of one side of myopathy is not due to inflammation but may be inherited genetically

Identification sign
The disorder is usually detected from childhood, from the first years of life, the disease progresses slowly, without pain and generalized disorders.

Need To Detect Early Signs Of Neck Stiffness In Children

Only two abnormal manifestations were the inability to fold the neck and difficulty running, then led to not running, no symptoms attached and no arthritis.
When examining the spine you can see:
Scoliosis; Limiting spinal motor
The most prominent symptom of a diagnostic decision is a very severe loss of spinal folding, common in all three flexible spine segments
Difficulty folding the neck is a sign of stiff neck in children
The rotation and tilt of the spine to the side are also severely limited. Depending on the stage, the patient may also do some folding exercises but at a limited level. In other areas it is especially seen to limit the elbow stretching movement. Rarely see limiting movements stretching hip, knee
Rotate your shoulders and elbows. A thorough examination of the muscles found that the movement disorders of the spine and extremities were all caused by a major muscle contraction. Muscle atrophy appears in moderation

The most prominent motor impairment is the dorsal and neck region, no muscle twitching, no cramping and no increase in muscle tone, as well as no image of software calcification on X-ray film.

Need To Detect Early Signs Of Neck Stiffness In Children

Blood tests: no manifestation of inflammation, especially creatin phosphokinase increased sharply and relatively often, most cases from 102-285mU / ml. There was no change in the rate of neurotransmission.
Electromechanical recording detects mechanical waveforms: loss of motor units, multi-phase operating potentials with short intervals and low amplitude. Particularly, there are potentials when operating with large amplitude.
A muscle biopsy often results in lesions such as myopathy, with changes in the size (size) of muscle fibers, often with centralized nuclei, necrosis, and in principle there is no infiltration, there is a clear fibrosis phenomenon.
X-rays of the spine and limb are normal images showing that the spine stiffness does not come from the bone.
How to treat the disease?
In the direction of congenital myopathy, there are patients who have been treated with corticosteroids in strong doses but have not seen any significant results.
It is possible to apply gentle massage procedures to areas where the muscles are contracting, should not be manipulated vigorously, preventing spine fractures.

Need To Detect Early Signs Of Neck Stiffness In Children

These measures must be directed by a specialist.
Research on genetics and therapeutic studies is expected to restore the child's motor skills of the cervical spine.
In the early years of childhood, mothers need to pay close attention to the baby's neck movements. If it is found that the neck fold is limited and walking, running difficult, it is advisable to seek medical attention at the musculoskeletal and genetic centers as soon as possible..

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