10 Bad Habits That Weaken The Immune System

Everyone's immune system is not the same, some people are healthy, some people are very sensitive to disease.
According to a US scientific journal published, there are 10 habits that destroy the immune system that you should avoid.

1. Life without singing

Singing improves human immunity. Experts from the University of Frankfurt, Germany, tested the blood of choir members before and after the rehearsals

. As a result, after the rehearsal, the amount of protein, globulin in the immune system and anti-stress hormone - hydrocortisone of singers increased significantly.

2. Abuse of antibiotics

New York researchers after performing a series of tests have made the comment: The abuse of antibiotics can damage the intestinal innate immunity of the intestine, the cause is the antibiotic resistance of Bacterial infection

Thereby affecting the body's natural immune system.

10 Bad Habits That Weaken The Immune System

3. There are few social relationships

Research has found that people with limited relationships are more likely to get sick than people who have close relationships. Experts say that frequent contact with friends, sending messages, chatting can prevent colds.

4. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to reduced immunity and limit the number of 'killer cells' that help fight off bacteria. Research by the University of Chicago found that those who only slept 4 hours a night, body antibodies against the flu decreased by 50% compared to those who slept 7-8 hours a night.


Repress emotions

The University of California at Los Angeles research found that engaged couples know how to discuss and share family issues that will not only help strengthen family relationships but also improve blood pressure, heart rate, white blood cell count, boost the immune system.

10 Bad Habits That Weaken The Immune System

6. Do not drink a lot of water

Drinking enough water maintains the mucous membranes of the airways, moisturizing, making it difficult for cold viruses to reproduce when they enter the body and can boost the immune system. Each person is recommended to give the body 40ml / kg of weight. Children are also encouraged to drink more water to boost their immune systems.

7. Ride by car

30 minutes of daily exercise like brisk walking and aerobic exercise helps improve white blood cell count, improves immune system function. Meanwhile, the car often limits the mobility of people making the risk of immunodeficiency increases.


10 Bad Habits That Weaken The Immune System

Passive smoking

Smoking and passive smoking are harmful to health in general and the immune system in particular. According to statistics, each year about 3,000 Americans die from lung cancer from passive smoking.

9. Lack of humor

Medical research by Loma Linda University School shows that watching one hour of humorous videos can significantly improve the immune system. Because laughter helps to reduce stress hormones, increase or activate certain immune cells, thereby improving effective immunity.

10. "Sex" is not scientific

The benefits that "sex" has been confirmed are many, including positive effects on the immune system. Reasonable "love story" can help reduce depression, enhance the role of immunity in the human body.

10 Bad Habits That Weaken The Immune System

(According to Afamily).

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