10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

If you intend to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth, you need to seriously do 10 things to do before pregnancy as listed below:
Stop taking birth control pills
Stop taking birth control pills a few months before getting pregnant and apply other contraceptives. This gives your body enough time for the hormone to return to normal.

This is also the time when you check your actual menstrual cycle, from which you will know the time of ovulation - the easiest time to conceive.
Cut back on parties, drinking

Drinking and smoking during pregnancy and pregnancy are the first things to avoid. The amount of alcohol in the blood as well as smoking will reduce the quality of eggs and sperm

Women who smoke and drink alcohol as well as under the influence of secondhand smoke will increase the risk of miscarriage, pregnancy defects, premature birth ..

The mother's weight and the process of gaining weight during pregnancy are extremely important to the safety of the mother and her baby.

10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

If you are overweight, plan to lose weight before you become pregnant. Losing 5-7 pounds before pregnancy will help obese people easier to conceive, have a healthier pregnancy period, less risk of dangerous diseases during pregnancy such as diabetes, heart disease. , preeclampsia.
If you're too thin, plan to gain a few pounds before you get pregnant. Pregnancy is a difficult process, during pregnancy you may even lose weight.
The fact that mothers gain too little weight will surely affect the development of the fetus as well as the quality of milk and the health of raising babies later.

Take vitamins for pregnant women

Vitamin supplementation is not just done during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Doctors recommend that mothers should take vitamins from 3 to 6 months before pregnancy.

10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

Especially should supplement folic acid, iron, calcium.
Getting enough B vitamins in the body early before pregnancy can reduce the rate of birth defects in the brain and spine by 70%.

Fund establishment

Having a child will cost the couple a considerable amount of money. The first is the costs of milk, vitamins and dietary supplements during pregnancy.
Then there are monthly checkups, pregnancy clothes, baby shopping, milk and day care when the baby is born, not to mention the times he is sick at the hospital.
Therefore, let's save together, set up a certain amount of money exclusively used for the birth of the child.

Ask mom about pregnancy

First ask your grandmother, mother, aunt, sister in your family about their pregnancy. Do they take time for conception efforts?
Do they have any problems during conception, such as a history of miscarriage, premature birth, diabetes, heart disease .

10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

.. What is their pregnancy, whether they are vomiting a lot ...
Science has proven that there are several common manifestations that can occur with people in the same family. If you know the information of your loved ones' pregnancy, you can discuss this with your doctor and be aware of what might happen to you.
But do not be too worried because the doctor will determine which factors are genetic, which are due to other causes such as weak sperm, environmental factors, age.

10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

After asking family members, ask friends and family about their pregnancy. The experience from them will be valuable information you prepare for your pregnancy.

Stop buying clothes

When you start pregnant, your body, body and weight will change day by day. You can no longer use tight clothing to reveal sexy curves.
If you shop too much, it will be a waste because you have to store them in a drawer for a long time. You may not be able to use it again, because your postpartum physique is different.

Effective anti-stress

Numerous studies have shown that stress not only reduces fertility, but also affects embryo quality.
Make sure you are in good spirits and ready for welcoming a new family member.

10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

You should also find an effective anti-stress method such as watching comedies, reading books or walking with your husband ...
Because stress during pregnancy also adversely affects the mental and physical development of the fetus. Make a full plan to be able to bring out the best for your beloved child.

Review work
If you are not satisfied with your current job, this is not the time to look for a new job. Therefore, review your current job as working hours, whether it makes you feel tired or not. Is the work you are in charge overloading and stressing you out?
If the answer is "yes", negotiate with your boss allows you to take charge of softer tasks, and allows you to work more flexible time.

10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

Share knowledge about pregnancy and parenting with your husband
You will not do everything on your own during pregnancy and parenting. You need sharing and help r.

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