10 Types Of Dementia In The Elderly

A term used in recent times to talk about dementia in middle-aged people, the disease is diverse and contains many mysteries that science does not fully understand, so the effectiveness of treatment is low and Here are some common types of dementia.
Vascular dementia
Vasaular dementia (Vasaular dementia) is a common dementia, the causative factor is because the brain does not receive enough blood due to the clogged blood vessels, making the cells not receive blood, causing oxygen and nutrient deficiency , creating a wobbly phenomenon. The cause of the disease is also due to stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Dementia mixed
Mixed Dementia is a disease caused by a single cause, including Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.
DLB dementia
DDLB (Lewy Body Disease), also known as DLB, is an easily recognizable disease characterized by abnormal protein deposits or Lewy substances in nerve lobes

These deposits disrupt brain function, impair cognition and behavior, and cause tremors in the limbs. This disease is difficult to cure because there are many mysteries that science has not yet discovered.
Parkinson's dementia
Parkinson's dementia, or PDD for short, is a progressive and advanced neurological disease that can directly affect a person's memory
While not all people with Parkinson's disease lead to dementia, it has the same mechanism as Lewy's dementia mentioned above.

10 Types Of Dementia In The Elderly

Common symptoms include tremor of hands, muscle spasms and difficulty in speech. Issues related to thoughts such as speech and cognition are also affected.
Dementia - temples
Frontotemporal Dementia (FD) is a fairly common form of dementia, a rare disorder caused by damaged brain cells in the frontal temporal lobe. .
The disease is also known as Pick’s disease, affects personality, reduces social skills, is common in people over 65. Although not memory loss but personality changes.
For example, the patient is incapable of self-control, does not care about housework

In the past, this disease was classified as a psychological disease but today it is found that due to neurological failure, early diagnosis and timely intervention will have a positive effect.

10 Types Of Dementia In The Elderly

CJD intellectual impairment
CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jacob Dementia) is a degenerative neurological disorder known as mad cow disease. The disease takes place very slowly, the incidence of 1/1 million people and there is currently no cure. The cause of the disease is caused by a virus, which interferes with the brain, disordering inherent functions and causing memory impairment.
Diverse symptoms such as memory loss, impaired speech, confusion, muscle aches, muscle twitching, and the direct effect of coordination on a person's ability to walk, move and often cause falls , blurred eyes accompanied by hallucinations.
NPH disease
NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) is a normal pressure hydrocephalus or hydrocephalus in the brain that is a condition related to the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain's cavities. Because it does not drain, this fluid increases brain pressure, interferes with brain function and leads to memory loss.

People who suffer from this disease often have difficulty walking, imbalance, especially the ability of bladder control, in addition to it also causes cognitive impairment, especially speaking skills, situations management and brain memory ability.
Huntington's disease
Huntington's disease (Huntington’s disease) is an inherited disease that affects a person's behavioral awareness and mobility.

10 Types Of Dementia In The Elderly

Common symptoms such as impaired memory function, differentiating between right and wrong, mood swings, depression and difficulty speaking (or stuttering) also appear hallucinations, uncontrolled convulsions, including face and limb muscles.
WKS intellectual decline
WKS is a dementia related to Wernickekosakoff Syndrome. The cause is thiamine deficiency (vitamin B1), especially alcohol abuse, malnutrition and metastatic cancer, or people with abnormally high thyroid hormone, but Long-term dialysis and long-term benefit therapy to treat heart disease. Symptoms of the disease are often confused, the worst memory is short-term memory and sometimes even the state of hallucinations.

Mild cognitive impairment
Mild cognitive impairment, called MCI for short, is a disease caused by the use of curative medicines. People with MCI are often recognized as having impaired memory and sometimes affecting cognition, distinguishing right from wrong, and because it takes place slowly, does not interfere with everyday activities that are easily overlooked.
People often have significant changes in personality, such as memory loss, depression, restlessness, and frustration. This is a manifestation of mild memory impairment due to d.

10 Types Of Dementia In The Elderly

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