4 Remedies For Sexual Enhancement

In Oriental medicine, ancient people think that men and women are at full age, sexual excitement every week, having intercourse 2-3 times is normal.
After the age of 40 years, the air quality has weakened, usually only 1-2 times a week. But in this age that exceeds 2 times, often listed as progressive sex.
According to Eastern medicine, sexual progress is essentially an euphoria in a debilitated state. Often caused by damage to the kidneys and fire organ damage caused.
It is a condition that manifests as a fire caused by a weakened kidney, unable to control the positive kidney, resulting in an unbalanced state, called a fire.
Fire is often accompanied by consumable symptoms such as thin people, hot flashes, red tongue, and weak small vessels.
As for fire in can, often due to the will of depression, or caused by pathological causes in the viscera and kidney organs

For real fire often accompanied by the manifestations such as flushing the face, bitter mouth, yellow tongue substance, tightness like strings.

4 Remedies For Sexual Enhancement

Fire and real fire can both lead to progressive sex drive, an irreversible yang (hard penis), sperm, dreamy, etc.
In addition, due to the mental overload, the "negative mind" may also lead to sexual advances. Depending on the specific condition, you can choose to use one of the following remedies:

Method 1: with conditions: sexual excitement, intercourse but still lust, accompanied by manifestations such as: palms of palms and middle of warm chest (contingent heat), hot people intermittent bouts of perspiration, restlessness, restlessness, little sleep, numbness in the back of the knee, red urination, red tongue, low tongue moss, jet lag (tight tension) or seborrhea (fast small).
Phuong include: 20g field, 10g knitting, tri 10g form, royal spreading 10g, 25g pattern (previous color) 25g, 10g description, flexible 15g, apple (black star) 10g, 6g lake use, geodermal cover 15g.
Usage: Firstly, pour the sample into the saucepan before 30 minutes, then put the remaining herbs into the same color, decoction twice, combine the two countries, divide 2-3 times a day. Drink continuously for 7-10 days (1 course), take 3-5 days off, continue another course. There are potential uses for fire

Decreased: if the insomnia worsened: the heart of the mind (lotus mind) 10g, the plastic structure (fine bamboo) 6g, the death element (reserved) 6g.

4 Remedies For Sexual Enhancement

If defecation secret more: rhubarb 10g, the equivalent of 15g.
Method 2: with the manifestations: the penis is easy to start but has uncomfortable pain, intercourse takes a long time to ejaculate, accompanied by headache, dizziness, dizziness, ear buzzing, red eyes, painful hot ribs, troublesome , easily angry, insomnia, dreaming much, bitter mouth, sour swallowing, red tongue edge, yellow tongue moss, bloody pulse (tight tension).
Phuong includes: long draft man (star of wine) 10g, royal bird (star of wine) 12g, genius 10g, pine needles 10g, 15g left description, far away from 15g, localization (star liquor) 15g, dong quai (star liquor) ) 10g, 10g paste lake, bamboo (bamboo leaves, bamboo) 12g, licorice 8g.
Usage: Sac 2 times, mix 2 water, divided into 2-3 drinks a day. Take each course 7-10 days. Effect: Profile cholera fire.
Method 3: due to mental trauma, accompanied by conditions such as melancholy, restlessness, irritability, or sighing, pain in the ribs, chest congestion, insomnia, excessive sleep, dry mouth and throat oyster, red tongue quality, the mysterious circuit (fast, tight like strings).
Methods include: 10g lake, dong 10g, 10g white, jelly 10g, 15g white agar, 15g tri, royal 15g, licorice 15g, great apple 20g, 10g ginseng, easter 30g, obey circuit 30g.

4 Remedies For Sexual Enhancement

How to use: decoction and drink as remedy 2. Purification effect of dissolution.
Method 4: with the conditions: having multiple intercourse but just "merging" is ejaculation immediately, the ejaculation is completed, the penis is still stiff, pain in the genitals, dark skin, dizziness, dizziness, temperament of an apple, easy to get mad, purple tongue with no moss, vascular wax (stretch, hiss).
Phuong include: 15g lake, 15g burdock, 15g rose, cross 10g frame, only 20g corpses, 10g peach peach, equivalent 10g grandeur, royal 10g, peacock corn (finely mixed with medicinal water) 2 children, jelly pelvis 12g, sample rate (previous color) 40g.
Usage: decoction and drinking as remedy 1. Effects on blood, stagnant chemical discharge..

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