5 Remedies For Nosebleeds

In autumn, when the weather starts to turn to dryness. Humidity is often low, especially in dusty roads, and the weather is often cold, northeast monsoon. That is a favorable condition for ‘nosebleeds’ to appear. The disease can appear at any age, but in children, the rate is usually higher.

Why is it called nosebleeds?

The word orange here means ‘Sweet’, meaning the bleed is caused by a disease collectively called ‘Orange.’ Orange disease usually appears only in children. Because children often like to eat lots of sweets. And after each such meal, the children do not have the habit of rinsing their mouth clean

That is a good condition for inflammatory factors in the throat, nose, tongue, oral mucosa, teeth, gums .

5 Remedies For Nosebleeds


When inflamed nasal mucosa swelling, congestion. The capillaries in the nasal mucosa due to inflammation lead to brittle fibers, which are prone to rupture. On the other hand, the climate of autumn and early winter is dry, accompanied by cold weather, causing the capillaries to contract, causing bleeding, or ‘nosebleed’. Naturally, that will happen more often to children who have less resistance, and in situations where the body lacks some vitamins, related to the permeability of the vessel walls, such as vitamin C, P, K .


5 Remedies For Nosebleeds

Substances that make the walls of the walls supple and strong.

Traditional medicine for nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are common, often without any warning, nor with regard to time. Sometimes children are playing nosebleeds, sometimes nocturnal nocturnal sleep is not good ... If the bleeding is small, the number of times is small, the effect is not great. But many children due to the care and care of the family are not attentive, the phenomenon of nosebleeds will appear many times, greatly affecting their health and learning.

Traditional medicine believes that nosebleeds are caused by the ‘enthusiasm’ that causes ‘hemorrhagic fever”, that the body is in a state of heat that will cause ‘hemorrhaging death’, ie hemorrhage; which in this case is a nasal hemorrhage.

5 Remedies For Nosebleeds

Therefore, traditional medicine often uses bloody remedies and remedies with blood, along with tonic to treat this disease.

Some common remedies

When nosebleeds, first take the index finger and thumb, press the place above the nose, slightly tilting the neck back. At the same time take a little tangled hair, the drug's name is ‘disorder’, disorder is ‘tangle’, ‘play’ is hair. In the absence of tangled hair, you can cut a pinch of hair. Take the burned hair into charcoal, rub it into a fine powder, then place it right on the side of the bleed nostril, breathe deeply inside, the blood will stop flowing immediately.

Then use the following remedies.

Lesson 1: Fresh lotus 40 g, 1 pork leg claw. Ninh Nhu, eat once.

5 Remedies For Nosebleeds

How to eat again 2 days. Doing so for 2 weeks, is okay. This is very easy to do, and convenient for young children.

Lesson 2: Fresh lotus leaf 50 g, or 20 g dried. Sac drink. To increase the effect, it is necessary to bring starburst lotus.

Lesson 3: Leaves of dracaena 12 - 16 g, black-pot grass, cypress leaves, conscience, black stars, excellent drink, once a day, twice, drink after meal 1 hour 30 minutes. Instant drink for two weeks.

5 Remedies For Nosebleeds

Lesson 4: Hoe (burning star) 12g, cypress cloud (burning star) 12g, marjoram marjoram (burning star) 12g, body only (nearly yellow star) 12g. Used in the form of decoction, once a day, divided into 2 doses, after meals 1 hour 30 minutes. Instant drink for 2 weeks.

Lesson 5: Field 16g, 6g trch description, nostalgic 8g, 6g white spirit, 8g sumac, paint packaging 6g.

Can be used as a decoction, on a ladder, in 3 divided doses after meals about 1 hour 30 minutes. Instant drink 3 weeks. Can also be made in the form of a tablet with honey, take 2 times a day, 9g each time. This method is suitable for cases where the body is suffering from heat, due to amnesia, prosperity, nosebleeds, many times, thin and blue body .

5 Remedies For Nosebleeds


In addition to using traditional medicine, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet, especially the need to regularly add fresh fruits and vegetables, containing a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C. In case of necessity, combination should be taken to take more vitamins. C and black star flower everyday, in the form of frieze. Because jasmine contains rutin, an active substance of vitamin P, which reduces the permeability of the vascular wall, increases the sustainability of red blood cells, reduces smooth muscle tone, and prevents spasms. Therefore, it is an effective component to prevent the events of atherosclerosis and venous insufficiency, causing nosebleeds, hemoptysis and other hemorrhages.

5 Remedies For Nosebleeds

TS Pham Xuan Sinh.

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