8 Notes When Using Sleeping Pills

If you need to use sleeping pills, keep the following in mind:
1. Don't use alcohol when taking sleeping pills
As recommended by experts, using sleeping pills should not drink alcohol, but there are also cases where many people can not quit, especially when on weekends, must receive guests ...
Experts at the Center for Treatment of Sleep Disorders Kettering (SDC) of the United States recommends that, in the case of not abstaining, should only drink 1-2 cups of small wine or 2 glasses of beer

Drink in the afternoon before bedtime for at least 6 hours. The reason, the alcohol in this drink is stimulant and may interfere with increase the side effects of sleeping pills like pain relievers. It is best not to use alcohol if you have to use sleeping pills


8 Notes When Using Sleeping Pills

Eat too full
Eating too full, especially in the case of holidays, weekends will make people feel uncomfortable and increase the likelihood of insomnia in the group of people who have to use sleeping pills.
Eating too full no matter what time of day is also detrimental. When blood sugar levels rise, the body will have more energy to sleep.
For these reasons, people with difficulty sleeping should only eat about 80% of the recommended amount, should not eat too close at bedtime.

3. Do not increase stress
In case of stress, using sleeping pills will be less effective. That is the conclusion drawn from the research of SDC experts recently released after the study in the group of insomnia people must use the drug

In case of high stress, which people are known to be restless, they should consult a doctor to change the dose or use other drugs more effectively.

8 Notes When Using Sleeping Pills

For example, hypnotherapy can be applied, even an antidepressant will work better.
4. Suppositories may interact with other medications
In the cold season, especially during the intermittent seasons, colds and flu thrive, increased stress will weaken the health of the immune system and easily cause insomnia.
In this case, taking sleeping pills with over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to treat colds and flu will also lead to adverse reactions, causing adverse effects and reducing the effect of sleeping pills.
For example, the compound benadryl, found in diphenhydramine, is an analgesic, so experts recommend not taking it before 4 hours of bedtime.
It will reduce the effect of sleeping pills, in case of using many drugs with sleeping pills, you should consult your doctor.
5. Do not use sleeping pills when traveling through 2 places with different time zones
In case of travel other than the time zone, sleeping pills will not work.

8 Notes When Using Sleeping Pills

In this case, taking melatonin before 1 hour at bedtime will work or consult your doctor before taking any medicine to suit your geographical condition as well as your health.
6. Need to know the specific effects of the drug to go to bed and wake up on time
Most sleeping pills are effective within 8 hours, so counseling should be advised not to take them too late or wake up too early.
If the case is not too busy, then sleeping at the prescribed time of the drug, if getting up early but still in a drowsy state, it is very dangerous, especially when driving vehicles. In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor for medications that have a shorter effect.
7. Should create a friendly sleeping environment
There are people when using sleeping pills but due to strange rooms, strange beds still have trouble sleeping. In this case, experts recommend bringing personal items such as blankets, pillows, veil etc.

8 Notes When Using Sleeping Pills

or can sleep separately according to your preferences or choose quiet places to sleep.
8. Apply natural habits
Although sleeping pills can help people sleep, their health benefits should not be dependent on sleeping pills. If necessary, the drug can be discontinued and switched to natural and friendly techniques.
Increasing exercise to reduce stress, eat scientifically, quit smoking, alcohol, lose weight, find exercise therapies such as nourishing, communicating with friends and consulting doctors to create a comfortable and comfortable life. From there sleep comes faster and more quality..

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