8 Remedies To Treat Colds

Feeling, folk often called "leprosy", is one of the most common psychic diseases, four seasons are especially in hot weather in summer.
Emotions have two main causes: due to low pressure on the test room, the physiological functions are disordered, ineffective, unable to keep in a normal equilibrium; due to weakening of the aura of the body, the body's resistance is weakened from that. The following are common diseases and appropriate oriental medicine.
Feeling of cold weather: The patient has cold symptoms, cold limbs, body aches, and sneezing. Sputum secretion and translation

. Dry skin chills want to lie. People who are cold, blood pressure may be lower than normal. Treatment: moderate, welding, cooling

Use one of the remedies:
Lesson 1: room 10g room, marjoram 16g, cinnamon 10g, millennium 10g, cross frame 10g, mint 10g, 12g white agar, 12g commercial ear, licorice 10g, wormwood 12g.

8 Remedies To Treat Colds

Lesson 2: daisies 10g, atrial 12g, saigon 12g, cinnamon 10g, millennium 10g, subdue spirit 16g, mourning parasite 16g, independent 12g, sacrifice 10g, white angel 10g, perilla 16g, bare Packaging 10g, white 12g. Sac drink on a ladder, 3 times drink 3 times.
Lesson 3: cross the frame of 12g, angelic 10g, knotweed 12g, sacrifice 10g, sub-10g, post-10g, 10g white, 10g cinnamon, 10g millennium, 10g socks (guise leaves) 12g, nostalgic paint 16g, continuous humiliation 16g, licorice 10g, bare skin 10g, born khong 6g.
Feeling of heat and heat: People with high fever, fear of wind, cold, headache, body aches. Cough, sore throat, sputum, sticky mucus, blocked nose, hot breath, thirst, and frivolous vessels. Treatment: clear heat, room, cool.
Use one of the remedies:
Lesson 1: 10g flower buds, 10g intercontinental flowers, 16g white capillary, 12g biosphere, 16g funeral, 16g bamboo leaves, equivalent 16g, 16g ginseng, licorice 10g, perilla 16g

Lesson 2: Pennywort 16g, sand base 16g, sa ginseng 12g, 12g regulation, 12g field, white dahlia 12g, marjoram 16g, marjoram 12g, marijuana 12g, chi 10g, perilla 16g, bare 10g , licorice 12g.

8 Remedies To Treat Colds

Lesson 3: sand base 16g, perilla 16g, tang Diep 16g, bamboo leaf 12g, royal bird 12g, genus 10g, terrestrial 12g, solemn 10g, bare 10g, licorice 10g, great apple 10g, sand wing 12g , packaging 16g.
Test: The patient sweats a lot, constantly. Dizziness, shallow breathing, wobbling, hangover. Due to excessive heat, much thirst, much drinking. The sweat gland loses its collecting function, causing the epidemic to escape excessively.
The body fell into a state of positive drainage, tachycardia, blood pressure drop. Treatment is positive, trying to express and test the test. Use one of the remedies:
Lesson 1: white bean bean 16g, sand base 16g, basil 12g, dong quai 12g, white sandalwood 12g, nostalgic 16g, humiliating 16g, sample (preparations) 12g, 12g perfume, 12g meridian, great apple 10g , Licorice 12g, Jiang Jiang 6g.

8 Remedies To Treat Colds

Lesson 2: nostalgic 16g, painted enemy 12g, royal period 12g, white agar 16g, defensive mechanism 12g, sea bean 16g, sand base 16g, 12g regulation, 12g formulations, cinnamon 8g, licorice 12g, ginseng room 12g, 16g clove tubers.
Reduction: - If vomiting persists, sell 10g, post-10g, 8g birth.
- Low blood pressure: ginseng 12g, fresh ginger 8g.
- Pain in the joints: male continuous 16g segment, marjoram 12g, contiguous 16g, weighted 12g, parasitic funeral 16g.
Excellent medicine on 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times..

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