Newborn Heel Blood – Early Screening Test For Babies

Birth defects depend on factors such as genetics, environmental pollution, nutrition, psychology, and pregnancy health. Newborn screening helps early detection of some birth defects to give timely treatment.
Below is information that parents should not ignore about the method of getting newborn heel blood.
What is the method of infant heel blood?
An infant blood heel test is a procedure to take a drop of blood from the heel of a baby into a special paper, and then give the sample to the Testing Center to perform the test. The blood sample will be added to a reagent, processed and measured on a semiautomatic device (ELISA)

Infant heel blood is a method that uses modern medical techniques (this test technique has been implemented since the 2000s) to test newborn screening that is not dangerous for the baby but instead discovered to Early treatment of congenital, metabolic, and inherited diseases in the first days of life, helps the baby's development process more comprehensive.
Is getting newborn heel blood dangerous?
Testing for postpartum screening by taking a baby's heel blood is absolutely not dangerous.
For testing, as a rule, blood in any part of a child's body can be done
Doctors usually take blood from the heel because this is the part with a large amount of blood, which is good enough for testing.

Newborn Heel Blood - Early Screening Test For Babies

In addition, the heel is part of the thick skin, less sensitive than other parts of the baby's body, so when taking blood will be less painful.
Is the cost of taking a newborn heel blood expensive?
The heel test is an extra service, so you'll need to pay an extra fee outside the hospital.
The cost of this method is not too expensive, usually falls in the range of over 1 million VND (information from major hospitals across the country) so parents can easily screen for the baby without having to freak out. too much financially.
If the disease is detected early and treated promptly, the child will develop comprehensively, avoiding dangerous complications that can cause the baby to be disabled or die.
What is the process of getting newborn heel blood like?
To screen for children's illnesses, health / nursing staff will take blood heel of the baby within 48 - 72 hours after birth, when the baby has eaten milk more than 8 times. In the case of premature, underweight babies, they should be taken for heel blood before the 20th day

Blood drops from the heel will be placed on a specialized dry tissue and taken for testing.

Newborn Heel Blood - Early Screening Test For Babies

To make the heel blood test easier, the time before 3-5 minutes of blood collection, parents should use a warm, wet cloth about 41 - 42 degrees Celsius to be squeezed dry to warm the baby's heel. .
Depending on the pathology selected for screening, the time to return results will vary, usually within 2 days to 1 month later, the test results will be returned. If the mother elected to give birth in a place where this service has not yet been implemented, she may ask the establishment to take a heel blood sample and send it to hospitals with newborn screening services to perform.
Blood drops from the heel will be placed on a specialized dry tissue and taken for testing
Why should newborn blood heel be taken?
Most endocrine disorders - metabolic and genetic in the newborn period or the first few years of the child are often not clearly revealed, difficult to detect and diagnose.
Until clinical signs and tests have been proven, it is a late stage, and it is no longer possible to fully recover, especially for the functioning of the central nervous system, intellectually and mentally. of the child. Some diseases detected and treated in time have a high ability to restore and develop normally.

Newborn Heel Blood - Early Screening Test For Babies

Parents should have babies undergo a heel-blood screening test, doctors can detect many dangerous conditions such as Phenylketonuria (a disorder of converting Phenylalanyl to Tyrosine due to deficiency of the enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase). ), Galactosemia, G6PD, congenital hypothyroidism, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
Early screening and treatment in the newborn period will be very effective, helping children have the opportunity to develop normally, reduce part of the cost of treatment, and reduce the burden on the family and society.
What are the newborn heel blood screening tests?
Taking newborn heel to screen for rare but very dangerous diseases, seriously affecting the later development of the child. Include:
Phenylketonuria (PKU)
As a disorder causing the accumulation of phenylalanine, this is an essential amino acid that the body cannot synthesize but is available in food.
Infants with this disease rarely exhibit immediate symptoms, some of which include:
Children are sleepy or eat poorly
Babies have other symptoms like seizures, nausea and vomiting
The rash appears like Eczema
Skin and hair are paler than family members
Children are aggressive or self-injurious, hyperactive and sometimes have symptoms.

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