Note When Using Weight Loss Pills

Currently on the market, there are many drugs, herbs or functional foods that are advertised as effective weight loss effects, widely sold in the market (But there is no doctor's prescription) that Many drugs are of unknown origin. There are several effective weight loss medications that cause digestive disorders, leading to dehydration and electrolyte disorders. Despite losing weight, it is really harmful to health.
Principles of weight loss medication:
- Treatment drugs must be used in parallel with diet and scientific mobilization. The drug is only intended to help patients follow the appropriate diet, exercise and behavioral change principles

- Do not misunderstand about the "miraculous" effects that weight loss drugs can bring. In fact, no single case has been as successful as taking a pill alone without combining diet and physical exercise.
- Weight loss medication does not treat obesity; When stopping the drug, the weight will increase again

- Weight adjustment drugs must be used according to the indications and the supervision of a specialist.

Note When Using Weight Loss Pills

- Medication must be considered at each stage of a long course of treatment, and must be individually assigned by the doctor. Risk factors for drug treatment must be considered for prevention in long-term obesity cases.
- The drug is continued only if the patient is considered safe and effective.
Indications for use of the drug:
Treatment with obesity should be considered when the patient is at the following levels:
- BMI> 30 and treatment with diet, exercise, behavior change fails.
-BMI> 25 with comorbidities such as impaired glucose tolerance, dyslipidemia, hypertension, or many obesity complications, such as osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, etc.
- Weight loss medications are not recommended for children. Contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women

There are currently two types of weight loss drugs approved by the FDA - the Food and Drug Association of America), the World Health Organization, Orlistat and Sibutramin.

Note When Using Weight Loss Pills

Note when using slimming pills.
The reason for the weight gain, even exceeded the original weight index after stopping the weight loss drug is because the drug reduces appetite and helps to reduce the amount of food eaten but if the total energy in the meal that does not reduce it still can not reduce fat. Therefore, without the right diet, users can still get a huge number of calories from a seemingly insignificant amount of food.
In addition, most weight loss pills have an anti-fat absorption effect based on the effect on lipase enzymes so they only reduce the absorption of 30% of the fat intake. Therefore, if you take the medicine and still eat a lot, the total fat intake will not decrease.
According to experts' warnings, weight loss pills only have a "support" effect and cannot be fully effective without being combined with a scientific diet or regular exercise.
If the user is over 60 years old or under 18 years old, want to use weight loss medication must consult a doctor. Currently, there are many types of weight loss drugs on the market, but there are still no effective agencies that have not yet confirmed it.

Note When Using Weight Loss Pills

You should consult your doctor before using weight loss pills.
Tip: The best way to effectively lose weight is to adjust your diet, activities, and exercise regularly. Compared with the use of slimming drugs, this method of slimming is slower but the safest way to lose weight..

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