Nutmeg Treat “cold Belly”

Nutmeg has its scientific name: Myristica fragrans; Parts used: seeds (nuts) and seeds. According to Oriental medicine, nutmeg is spicy, moderate, slightly poisonous. Into 3 spleen, colon. Function moderate, waxy colon description, stop vomiting, cure abdominal pain, abdominal pain, abdominal distention. It is forbidden to use in the case of heat in the dysentery and new disease (real heat crashes), pregnant women

Use in the form of powder or tablets. Every day, drink 0.25g - 0

Nutmeg Treat

Severe disease use 2 - 4g. Nutmeg is used as an external massage for numbness of body aches and pains.
Some medicinal properties of nutmeg are used to treat illnesses
- Cure kidney damage, which causes diarrhea early in the morning. Use all four Gods: complement only 160g, nutmeg (stars) 80g, Schisandra 80g, corns 40g - four flavors are spread flour; Sinh Khuong 320g, Great Apple 240g, use Khương sharp water, apple is mixed with medicine powder, add a little flour, just enough to make complete.
Each drink 12 - 16g with pale brine or boiled water to cool, before going to bed or you can use the flavor on the drink, the dose and the medicine may be reduced depending on the medical situation.
In the post, God has the essence of complementing the fire destiny, moderating the Yang Yang as the medicine owner, the nutmeg of the white bean spice, the corn in the central region, the five martyrs trying to wax, adding Jiang
moderate Bhikkhu, great apple complementary spleen.

Nutmeg Treat

This article is often used in clinical practice to treat chronic colitis, intestinal tuberculosis with spleen syndrome, welding failure, and prolonged diarrhea.
In case of chronic diarrhea complications rectal prolapse should add ginseng party, royal wonders, to promote ghost gas to promote gas promotion.
Nutmeg powder.
In case of diarrhea difficult to hold, cold sore back leg much of the bad spleen Yang additive processing, cinnamon to moderate kidney kidney.
In the case of much lower abdominal pain, use this article to remove the five elements, the wandering corn to return to the kidneys to moderate the air.
Cases of gastrointestinal disorders due to the fact do not use this post. You can use this article to treat functional colitis, chronic diarrhea with results.
In addition, Chinese documents mentioned the use of intestinal cancer: nutmeg 50g, ginger juice 200ml, wheat flour 100g.

Nutmeg Treat

Nutmeg into powder to make golden baked bread, flour. Drink 3 times a day, 5 - 10g each time hungry with rice water.
There are many other formulas for curing cancers of all kinds but combining poisonous drugs while the nutmeg itself has been poisoned will be difficult to use safely and we will not add more, but note when you read the plan to apply these that recipe..

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