Nutrition Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are the 3rd most common urinary tract disease after inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract and prostate gland.
This is a dangerous disease that causes the disease mainly due to disorders of mineral metabolism, minerals that precipitate and accumulate in the body for a long time, gradually forming stones.
People who regularly work quietly in offices or workers working in factories and especially those with unreasonable nutrition are the subjects most at risk.
Signs of the disease depend on the stage of stone formation. However, the early stage of the stone formation process is usually asymptomatic, so the patient does not know

. Only when stones are large, can complications be detected. The most common symptom of this condition is the presence of low back pain, spreading to the pelvic cavity, scrotum, with vomiting or bloating.
Patients may have pain when urinating, cloudy urine, bloody urine caused by stones that cause a urinary tract or bacterial infection, causing kidneys to bleed
The patient may have a fever of 38-39 degrees Celsius, or chills, the kidneys may feel burning.

Nutrition Prevents Kidney Stones

In recent years, inappropriate nutrition has been considered a leading cause of kidney stones. According to TS. BS. Cao Thi Hau, former Director of Nutrition Center, National Institute of Nutrition: Unreasonable eating habits or an unbalanced diet are closely related to the formation of urinary stones.

The first is due to drinking less water, many people feel thirsty to drink water, not knowing the important role of water for the body and the effect of water on the prevention of kidney stones.

Secondly, because the diet has too much calcium, when the content of calcium in the body exceeds 1,000mg / day, it will create excess and this excess will build up, forming stones.

Thirdly, the habit of eating salty is also a risk, the average person only eats about 10g of salt per day and people with hypertension, cardiovascular are less than 5g / day

But due to the habit of eating salty, they often eat in excess of the salt needed, for example during a meal just eat a few more salty tomatoes can create excess salt.

Nutrition Prevents Kidney Stones

Next is an unbalanced diet between food groups, such as eating too much protein is also not good ...
Here are some nutritional habits that can prevent kidney stones:
Lemon juice helps reduce the risk of kidney stones
Drink a lot of water
To prevent kidney stones need to drink enough water. Enough water will not only help the blood circulate better, dissolve the substances but also make the body's temperature be better regulated, especially in the hot summer. Moreover, it helps eliminate waste products to prevent disease.

If calculated according to the normal activity of the body, the amount of urine is about 1,500ml / day, the amount of water through the sweat and digestive tract is about 500-1,000ml, so the demand for water is from 2,000 to 2,500ml per day . This demand increases or decreases depending on the nature of the job and especially the weather.

Nutrition Prevents Kidney Stones

However, under any circumstances, forming a habit of drinking enough water is extremely helpful.
However, do not drink sugary drinks, especially for obese people, diabetes, hypertension. Limit the use of ice as it can damage tooth enamel. In some special cases such as those with heart failure, kidney failure ... it is necessary to consult the treating doctor when drinking water to have an appropriate water regime.
Should use lemon juice
Drinking at least 1 glass of lemon juice a day reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Nutrition Prevents Kidney Stones

The citric acid in lemon helps prevent minerals and other elements of urine from sticking together, forming kidney stones. Lemon juice is made from lemon or lime concentrate, which provides enough citric acid, while sugar-flavored lemon powders will not offer the same benefit.
Reduce protein intake
Limiting the amount of protein absorbed from meats and offal, especially the liver. Research by Mayo Hospital (USA) shows that people who eat a lot of meat are at risk of kidney stones.
In the daily menu, should add more fresh vegetables because the fiber of the vegetable will help digestion quickly, avoid stagnation in the intestine, minimize the reabsorption of oxalate from the intestine to form urolithiasis. In addition, the alkalinity provided by fresh vegetables will increase the excretion of citrate against kidney stones.
Reduce absorption of calcium and salt
Both are believed to contribute to the formation of kidney stones, so reducing their absorption means making your kidneys less "heavy".
(According to Afamily).

Nutrition Prevents Kidney Stones

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