Oral Mucosal Ulcers – What Treatment?

The oral mucosa covers the mouth and tongue. Ulcerative lesions of the oral mucosa may have pus or no pus. The disease causes pain and difficulty for patients when eating, speaking and speaking.
Why is ulcerative oral mucosa?
There are many causes of mouth ulcers, including:
- Injury: thermal burns due to overheating of the food, lesions common in the palate, the arch of the upper teeth; due to smashing, falling, hitting; due to dental procedures such as drilling, fillings, extractions, fitting but not fitting, chipped or broken teeth .

..; Children are stabbed by a popsicle stick, pen, or sharp object.
- Due to the impact of chemicals such as acid, lime water, mouthwash too dense, use a lot of toothpaste but gargle not carefully

Oral Mucosal Ulcers - What Treatment?

- Infections: many types of bacteria cause acute necrotizing gingivitis around the alveolar teeth, common in malnourished, immunocompromised, people with fatigue, weakness, smoking, poor hygiene.
Eat oranges, lemons prevent mouth ulcers.

- Viral infection: Herpes virus stomatitis with symptoms of blisters spreading and then forming an ulcer, seen in the lips, edges, mucous membranes of the mouth, fever, sore throat, lymphadenopathy may occur.
- Varicella zoster virus (VZV): encountered in chicken pox, ulcerative lesions, oral blisters. VZV is implicit in nerve tissue, causes skin rashes corresponding to nerve roots, and affects V-branch nerve branches causing mouth ulcers, which is characterized by side-by-side pain and paresthesia.
- The blisters are usually on the roof of the mouth, cheeks, tongue, and throat burst quickly creating ulcers

Coxsackie virus: is a virus that causes hand-foot-mouth disease in children; vesicular lesions on a red background forming ulcers, seen in the oral mucosa, chicken tongue, especially in the palate, tongue, cheek mucosa.

Oral Mucosal Ulcers - What Treatment?

- Rubella: causes measles, the main sign of mouth is Koplik, with small erythematous macules in cheek mucosa, central white necrosis, usually appears 1-2 days before systemic symptoms. Epstein - Barr virus (EBV): causes fever, mouth ulceration behind the oropharynx.
There are also other factors that cause mouth ulcers such as hormonal effects; due to genetic factors; due to food allergies, medicines; due to lack of vitamins: C, PP, B6, B12; Iron deficiency; due to autoimmune disease ...
Signs of mouth ulcers
When you have ulcers of the oral mucosa, tongue, you can tell the cause but sometimes you do not know the cause but only see the appearance of ulcers accompanied by signs: painful, hot redness, sores. very uncomfortable especially when chewing, eating or drinking; may be abscesses under the tongue, under the mucosa; milder are sores on the tongue and oral mucosa, when acute inflammation is often red and very painful, even high fever, jaw angle ganglia. In particular, acute ulcers on the oral mucosa often recur, causing pain and impairing the quality of life of patients.

Oral Mucosal Ulcers - What Treatment?

Ulcerative lesions are quite diverse:
- Small aphthe ulcers are the most common, accounting for about 80%, typically with a few to many ulcers with a diameter of less than 1cm, shallow, discrete or clustered, heal on their own in 7-14 days and do not let scar again.
- Large aphthe-type ulcers, also known as Sutton's disease or recurrent necrotizing oral mucosa with peripheral lymphadenitis, accounting for about 10%. Ulcers larger than 1cm in size, including one or more ulcers, slowly heal sometimes for weeks, leaving scars from extensive necrosis.
- Herpes ulcers, but not related to Herpes virus, the number of ulcers ranges from 10 to 100, lesions are clustered, many small ulcers quickly combine to form large plaques, heal in about 7-30 days .
Characterized by a red ulcer around the center, the center has a yellow section, much pain in the first 2-3 days, gradually reducing pain when starting to heal.
Note in treatment and prevention
Treatment of mouth ulcers is primarily an analgesic because pain is the most unpleasant symptom. Most cases do not need treatment and the disease will go away on its own in 7-14 days.
In necessary cases, doctors can use medicines such as: antipyretic drugs; Patient gargle with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution; local pain relief with lidocaine anesthetics; using anti-inflammatory drugs, antiseptic oral solutions such as: orabase, zilactin .

Oral Mucosal Ulcers - What Treatment?

..; taking antiviral drugs such as acyclovir, famciclovir, alcyclovir; When there is an antibiotic infection.

You can apply self-care methods when you have a mouth ulcer such as stopping drinking alcohol, quitting smoking. Do not eat spicy, salty, sour, sour or hot foods. When you have a lot of pain, you can use a straw to drink water, but not hot water. Brush your teeth only on painless spots, not brush your teeth on ulcers due to ulcers, to avoid causing further injury to the oral mucosa of the tongue due to brushing.
See a doctor when the following symptoms occur: the ulcer develops much, is abnormally larger than the symptoms listed above; sores that last longer than 3 weeks; no pain despite painkillers; high or moderate fever but lasts for days.

Oral Mucosal Ulcers - What Treatment?

Prevention: It should be noted that any food that has caused allergies and mouth ulcers should never be eaten again. To.

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