Orthodontics For Children And Teens

For children, the most important thing when orthodontic treatment plan is reasonable, long-term results and consistent with the development of the child.
Not only the doctor, but also parents need to thoroughly understand the development of the child, because this will help to treat facial defects at the right time, achieve maximum results and limit. The risks and failures of orthodontic treatment.
Milk teeth stage
This stage from the first teething until 5 years old. This is the period when children grow up quickly with the development of the baby teeth


Because children gain weight and height fairly quickly, proper diet especially in the first 2 years will help children have good height.
Many parents often think that baby teeth are not important, because they will be replaced by permanent teeth anyway. This thought is not right

Baby teeth will play a role in keeping the space for permanent teeth to grow in place.

Orthodontics For Children And Teens

If the baby tooth is lost early, another or permanent teeth will move into the place of missing teeth, causing the permanent teeth below to not have enough room to grow, causing underground teeth, stuck or crowded teeth.
If your child accidentally has an accident or injury that affects their teeth even if it's very light, you should keep this in mind to talk to your doctor later.
During this period, children are not indicated to orthodontic treatment, because orthodontic aims to be permanent. The pediatric dentist will be the main treatment for the child during this period.
Mixed tooth stage
This period is from 6 to 12 years old. This is a period of child development is quite stable and steadily over the years.
The first permanent teeth to erupt are the largest inner molars (doctors call it tooth 6), lower incisors and upper incisors
Around 9-12 years old, children begin to grow the remaining teeth: canines, first and second molars (doctors often call them 3,4,5).

Orthodontics For Children And Teens

Figure: children's permanent teeth and teething age. If it is abnormal, parents should take the child to an orthodontist early to check for underground teeth or congenital deficiency.
Permanent tooth stage
This stage is from 13-21 years old. This is a child's rapid developmental stage, often called the puberty period. The teeth will grow second second molar (tooth No. 7) at 12-13 years old, and finally the third largest molar tooth (tooth No. 8 or wisdom tooth) at age 18.
During this period, the problems of developing jaw bone (such as the mouth or mouth) and teeth (crowded teeth, deep bites, open bites, etc.

Orthodontics For Children And Teens

) will become more pronounced. So, this is the stage when parents take their children to see the orthodontist the most.
Parents should pay attention to the time of puberty of children, because the development of the jawbone system does not necessarily correlate with the development of the teeth (sometimes the jaw bone grows strongly creating corals or patches while the child have not replaced all permanent teeth ...). If early intervention is possible, it will be much easier to improve.

Thus, the results of orthodontics achieved will depend greatly on the time parents take children to see an orthodontic specialist.

Orthodontics For Children And Teens

Getting the child to the right time or early in the morning can help the doctor control the growth of teeth and bones, so that the best treatment plan can be achieved without extractions or surgery.
Bringing children late will make the doctor more passive, and the plan is primarily to correct deviations, rather than prevent and guide development..

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