Paralysis – Who Is Susceptible?

Facial nerve paralysis, also known as Bell’s Palsy disease, is a disease that is less life-threatening, but makes the patient suffer for a long time.
It occurs when nerves that control facial muscles become inflamed and pinched. Although people can get the disease at any age, it is less common in people under 15 and over 60 years old.
Signs of disease detection?
Often after a night of sleep, the sick person wakes up, feeling an abnormally stiff side of the face. If you look in a mirror, you will see that one side of the face is drooping and the mouth is distorted to the side

. One eye also cannot be closed and often tears are shed.
With these symptoms, people often think of a stroke. But calm down, if you see symptoms that are limited to the face, then most of the time this is facial nerve paralysis

However, there are many cases during the day, patients are suddenly paralyzed or weak on one side of the face, making it difficult to laugh, speak hard, close eyes, or move the skin on the affected side; pain in the ear on the sick side; hear louder sounds on the sick ear; headache; loss of taste; More tears and saliva are produced than normal.

Paralysis - Who Is Susceptible?

The disease will resolve within a few weeks and completely resolve within 3-6 months.
About 8-10% of them will relapse, sometimes on the previously healthy side. A small number of patients experience some lifelong symptoms.
Mild facial palsy will cure completely, but severe illness can cause permanent damage to the nerve.
What should be done to treat and prevent disease?
Out of the brain, on the way to the face, the nerve that controls the right facial muscles passes through a narrow opening, a small bone cavity.
So when infected with bacteria, these nerves swell, trapped in the narrow bone cavity. Due to pinched nerves, the outer membrane is damaged, causing nerve signals to be blocked, causing paralysis and weakness of the facial muscles

Many studies show that the following subjects are prone to facial nerve paralysis: pregnant women, diabetics, people who have the flu, people with immunodeficiency such as radiation treatment, drugs corticosteroids, HIV infection .

Paralysis - Who Is Susceptible?

To help the patient recover faster, anti-inflammatory steroid medicine can be used. In case the nerves of the face become inflamed, taking this medicine can reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, which will help the nerves to be completely compressed in the bone cavity.

If the cord is infected with a virus, the use of antiviral drugs can stop the disease quickly. Physiotherapy is recommended because paralyzed muscles may shorten causing chronic spasms. Then massaging and manipulating the muscles in your face can help fight spasms.
Using the hot compress method also helps relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms.

Paralysis - Who Is Susceptible?

You should also learn how to relax, use acupuncture, taking vitamins, especially B12, B6 and zinc, which are also helpful in recovery and prevention.
You need to know the ways to take care of yourself: when your eyes are not closed properly, you need to keep your eyes from drying by applying drops every hour during the day and applying ointment to the eyes at night, so to avoid overly dry eyes , the conjunctival membrane of the eye may be compromised leading to vision loss.
Wearing glasses during the day and wearing eye patch at night to avoid eye injury or scratches.
Prevention should be combined with many measures to avoid catching a cold, especially when sleeping at night. Prevention of bacterial infections by improving the body's resistance: regular exercise in moderation; eat well, increase your intake of green vegetables, ripe fruits, orange juice, lemon juice or take a vitamin C supplement.
Wear a mask when going out or going to public places such as bus stations, supermarkets, markets ...

Paralysis - Who Is Susceptible?

to avoid being infected by bacterial diseases. Do not abuse corticosteroid medication in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases..

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