Perineal Beauty – Is It Simply Aesthetic?

Currently, the demand for beauty of the perineum with the desire to improve the quality of sexual life of women is increasing.
It is estimated that about 80% of women over 30 years old have problems with vaginal vaginosis, hormonal disorders, and poor elastic vagina. So is the beauty of the perineum purely aesthetic? The following article will explain this!
What is the perineum?
The perineum is a system of physiological organs in the female body. This is the part that plays an important role in sexual intercourse and receiving sperm as well as nurturing the fetus.
The perineum is 3-5 cm long, between the anus and vagina, hidden at the bottom and obscured the upper thigh

The structure of the perineum consists of weighing software, muscles, ligaments that cover the holes in the pelvis with 3 deep layers, middle layer and shallow layer. Each floor has its own muscles and is covered by its own weight.
The decision to make perineal beauty is right or wrong?
Perineal contraction or beautification is usually done more often in women who give birth in normal - cases where the doctor will make an episiotomy if necessary for the birth of the baby

Depending on the circumstances, the size of the incisional perineum will be different, there are also cases of women trying to push will make the perineum torn.

Perineal Beauty - Is It Simply Aesthetic?

At this time, the doctor will sew the suture and will not have a high aesthetic as aesthetic surgery.
The perineum is a system of physiological organs in the female body
After giving birth many times, it is sure that the woman's perineum will be widened, the vagina also reduces elasticity. In addition, when the doctor gave birth to the perineum, the restoration of the perineum elasticity was also much less.
These issues significantly reduce the quality of sex life. Both husband and wife have difficulty achieving orgasm. Especially causing loss of interest in the husband. This situation can not help but worry women will affect family happiness

The perineal remodeling is a simple minor operation that takes about 30 minutes.

Perineal Beauty - Is It Simply Aesthetic?

However, this is a invasive procedure that requires the doctor to perform highly specialized, good surgical conditions to avoid possible complications. This procedure has certain advantages and disadvantages, you need to find out carefully, consult a doctor before making a decision.
Benefits of perineal beauty
The narrowing of the perineum will depend on your needs. Currently the most common is the perineal aesthetics and episiotomy. Narrow the perineum will help:
Improving aesthetics in the perineum: "little girl" more neat
The perineum is not dilated
The vagina is scaled down
Increased sexual pleasure
Improve scarring after perineal surgery
Enhance physiological functions for women
Limit bacterial attack
Improve elasticity, aging skin increase fluid
Comprehensive sphincter physiology restoration in women
Who should pay attention to the beauty of the perineum?
The implementation of narrowing the perineum has many outstanding advantages, but not all women should perform this procedure. After the birth, the perineum will widen. In some cases, the vagina may shrink automatically after giving birth after 3 months of perineal stitches will heal completely. After this time, you can consider whether or not to perform perineal suture?
The following subjects should and should not perform perineal suture recommended by the doctor.

Perineal Beauty - Is It Simply Aesthetic?

Subjects should be perineal aesthetics
Women with large lips size, baby lips are too long, wrinkled
Women with hypertrophy in the big lips, baby lips
Keloids, bad scars when the episiotomy incision
The vaginal opening is empty
The vaginal tube is congenital or due to multiple births or intercourse
The perineum has a structural distortion due to uterine prolapse
Vaginal injury due to trauma or accident
Want to improve the couple life
Women with large lips size, small lips are too long, wrinkled so beautify the perineum
Subjects should not have perineal aesthetics
Women are in pregnancy
Women are in menstrual cycle
Infected, genital fungal infection
Diseases such as: tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus
There are signs of psychological instability
The procedure of narrowing the perineum
The procedure for narrowing the perineum will last for 30 minutes. Before each minor surgery, the doctor performs a physical examination of the patient. Thereby tests, try drug reactions, eliminate pathological problems. And when eligible surgery you will be transferred to the next steps:
Step 1: Anesthetize the perineum to reduce pain during surgery.
Step 2: Cut off the excess skin in the vagina.
Step 3: Connect the sphincter muscles of the vagina to collapse the vagina to make the vaginal tube tight and smaller.
The procedure for narrowing the perineum will last for 30 minutes
Beauty perineal pain?
The reduction of the perineum must be done by a qualified and experienced physician. This is a tricky procedure if not done well, it will leave scars and cause pain.

Perineal Beauty - Is It Simply Aesthetic?

And during the process, with a highly specialized doctor combined with anesthetic, you can be assured that it is completely painless.
However, make sure that when the anesthetic runs out, you will feel pain and need to take a 1-2 day break, avoiding a lot of walking.

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