Pink White Skin From Folk Remedies

According to folklore, there are many remedies to help your skin naturally pink and white. Introducing to you some remedies for darkening skin, freckles and smoothing the skin.
For darkened face skin:

According to physician Nguyen Cong Duc - lecturer of Traditional Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Ho Chi Minh City), traditional medicine has such remedies as:
Use 12 g of peaches, 6 g of licorice, 12 g of rhubarb, 6 g of cinnamon and 6 g of black pepper with 2 cups of water remaining 1 cup. Use 3 times a day (use at warmth), 1/3 cup each time before eating. In addition to the use of treating dullness, melasma, acne, also regulate menstruation, treat dysmenorrhea

... in women (pregnant women are not allowed to use)

Or use 1 fresh tomato (washed, seeded, chopped, crushed), 1 fresh bitter melon (washed, seeded, crushed) and mixed with 1 yolk and egg white.

Pink White Skin From Folk Remedies

At night before going to bed, wash your face clean, dry, rub gently with rose water. Then apply the solution on the face, when dry apply again. After 1 hour, remove, wash face, go to bed. This method helps the face skin from being dull, rough, smooth.
Or use 1 fresh cucumber, 1 small melon (as small as a cucumber). Both put the skin, finely chopped, crushed, squeezed juice to keep in the refrigerator for the day (2-3 times) to apply on the face, after 30 minutes wash your face again with cold water, used to treat tanning , smooth skin.
Or take water to wash rice to settle for 10 minutes, remove water above, aloe vera (aloe) fresh take viscous plastic inside, mix two things with equal amounts to use during the day
At night before going to bed, wash your face with rose water, dry.

Pink White Skin From Folk Remedies

Apply aloe vera juice and rice to your face, so that you will wash your face in the morning. In addition to treating melasma, this method also treats freckles, acne and helps the skin smooth.
Or remedy made from 100 g of tangerine peel, 200 g of peach blossom, 100 g of pumpkin seeds, 100 g of radish seeds: Dried peach blossom, tangerine peel, squash seeds, wine-soaked radish seeds, yellow stars mixed, Spread fine powder, place in a tightly closed jar. Use 3 times a day, each time 1 tablespoon with warm water after each meal, will be used to treat darkening of the skin, blood oxygen.
For people with freckles, skin pigmentation
Use a remedy made from 100g duckweed (dry), 100g of almonds and egg white. Wash duckweed, dry, roasted almonds to peel off. Both are mixed, finely ground into a tightly covered powder. In the evening before going to bed, wipe your face clean with white vinegar vinegar (vinegar soaked with white), then use a little powder on mix with egg white to apply on the face, early in the morning to wash with warm water and wipe the face.

Pink White Skin From Folk Remedies

Rose water.
Or use 100 g of peach blossom and 100 g of squash seeds together, blend into a fine powder and place in a sealed jar. In the evening before going to bed, wipe your face with water of eucalyptus vinegar, then use peach blossom powder and pumpkin seeds to mix well with the egg whites applied to the face, until morning wash with warm water.
Or remedy from nuclear factor (left grain), very effective with melasma with freckles: Lyric seeds removed dried, spread fine powder to the sealed jar. At night before going to bed, mix powdered grain powder with chicken egg white and apply. Early in the morning, wash your face with warm water.
For people whose skin is often dry, not fresh: There are remedies made from 20 g of black sesame, 1 tablespoon of honey, 40 g royal, 12 g bare skin, 20 g fire spirit. To separate honey, 4 drugs on the decoction with 4 cups of water remaining 1.

Pink White Skin From Folk Remedies

5 cups, then mix honey, mix well. Use warm, 3 times a day, each time 100 ml before meals will make the skin smooth, bright pink face.
For dry or cracked skin, use 50 g of old melon (dried), finely chopped, so that it burns into charcoal, crushed finely, then mix with 50 ml of blind oil, to apply to dry, limb skin. chink.

Especially, for those with facial wrinkles

Use 2 fresh carrots, 50 g of fresh lotus root, 1 egg yolk. Grated lotus root squeezed to squeeze the juice mixed with the yolk mixed, washed carrots to shredded, crushed, mixed with the yolk and lotus root juice.
After steaming your face with a hot towel, pat dry, apply the mixture on your face. After 30 minutes wash your face with cold water, massage the entire face and notice the wrinkles.

Pink White Skin From Folk Remedies

Use 1 time in the evening before going to bed..

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