Precautions For Coagulation Disorders In Pregnant Women

Pregnant women at the end of the third trimester of pregnancy will have coagulation disorders due to deficiency of coagulation factors VIII, IX, and XI. This is a dangerous condition for pregnant women and affects the whole fetus.
What is coagulation disorder?
Blood clotting disorder is a condition in which a deficiency of clotting factors results in bleeding that does not clot as normal.
Anyone can have a blood clotting disorder, but it is especially dangerous for pregnant women.
Classification of coagulopathy
According to the type of shortage factor:
Hemophilia A: factor VIII deficiency, this factor accounts for 85% of cases of blood clotting disorders
Hemophilia B: lacks factor IX, accounting for nearly 14% of the infected subjects
Hemophilia C lacks plasma pre-thromboplastin factor (XI)
According to factor reduction level: If factor VIII is below 30%, your body is suffering from blood clotting disorder, divided into the following types:
Severe: Factor VIII concentration <1% Average body: concentration of factor VIII from 1-5% Mild form: Factor VIII concentration above 5% and below 30% A deficiency of coagulation factors will lead to coagulation disorders Subjects at high risk of coagulopathy The subjects mentioned below are at higher risk for coagulopathy: Women who have had an unexplained abortion before 3-5 weeks or after 10 weeks Women who have had a stillbirth Preterm birth before 34 weeks due to abnormal pre-eclampsia or placenta Thrombosis during pregnancy Manifestations of coagulopathy during pregnancy Symptoms of coagulation disorders will include: Pregnant women often nosebleeds and prolonged Abnormal bleeding with no known cause Bleeding tooth on a regular basis Body fatigue, listlessness, chest pain, sudden swelling in the limbs Blood in the stool and urine In the legs and thighs, blood vessels will appear interlaced When blood clotting disorders worsen, it can lead to bleeding when traumatic injuries, decreased blood pressure and heart failure

. Coagulopathy is dangerous for both mother and fetus Dangerous complications of blood clotting disorders during pregnancy For pregnant women, coagulopathy is a dangerous disease because if the condition is prolonged without treatment, it will affect both mother and fetus. Specifically, some of the dangerous complications that can occur when a mother has a blood clotting disorder: Restrict fetal growth in the womb: babies born to mothers with coagulopathy are born smaller than babies born to mothers without the disease. Silent, random bleeding: Vegetable and uterine cake damaged by blood clotting and platelet factors that are dangerous for both mother and child Amniotic fluid obstruction: The time of detection of this complication is when the fetus dies when the doctor performs amniocentesis, the fetus out or cesarean section
Pregnant women will have a manifestation of a rapid heartbeat, a decrease in blood pressure causing obstruction in the lungs leading to pulmonary artery increase, venous blood pressure also increases.

Precautions For Coagulation Disorders In Pregnant Women

Placental insufficiency: The placenta plays the role of providing nutrition and oxygen to the fetus through the umbilical cord, if the placenta is weakened, the fetus will not receive enough nutrients and lack of oxygen leading to the fetus.
Pre-eclampsia syndrome: Pregnant women with a history of high blood pressure will cause organs such as the liver and kidneys to function poorly, leading to this syndrome.
Increased risk of preterm birth: Labor before 37 weeks of pregnancy
Increased risk of miscarriage and maternal infection: A fetus dies in the uterus before the 28th week of pregnancy and when the tissue is necrotic and released to the outside, the mother becomes infected.
Diagnosis of coagulation disorders in pregnant women
Women, before becoming pregnant, need to visit health facilities for an accurate diagnosis of the condition requiring treatment, the doctor may order patients to perform the following tests:
Complete blood count
Bleeding time test
Common blood coagulation test
Testing for specific coagulation factors
The test assesses platelet aggregation ability
Tests to check for blood clotting
D-dimer test
Pregnancy coagulation disorders are very dangerous during pregnancy, and during labor it is difficult to stop bleeding. Performing blood clotting tests as directed by your doctor for diagnosis, regular monitoring and timely treatment helps prevent dangerous complications during pregnancy..

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