Pregnancy Failure – Do Not Despise Pregnant Women

Miscarriage is a dangerous obstetric complication, potentially threatening the health of the fetus after birth, even leading to stillbirth in the womb or death at birth.
What is abortion?
When the fetus is still, the fetus receives oxygen from the mother to maintain life and develop thanks to the circulation between the mother and the fetus: uterus - placenta - fetus. In particular, the placenta is responsible for transmitting nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the fetus. If there is a cause that affects the circulation, the fetus is not getting enough oxygen and will cause fetal failure.
Pregnancy failure is divided into 2 groups: acute and chronic fetal failure with different nature and severity:
Acute fetal failure: Abortion occurs abruptly during labor, leading to immediate death if not handled promptly

. Lighter, the baby is born safe but the baby's mind and body are likely to be affected. Acute fetal failure is less than 20% of births.
Chronic fetal distress: A condition in which pregnancy occurs during pregnancy and is mild, so it is not clear and difficult to detect
It is easily converted into acute fetal distress during labor, at risk of stillbirth.

Pregnancy Failure - Do Not Despise Pregnant Women

This seriously affects the womb of the mother and the ability to mother later.
Regardless, fetus is very dangerous, not only for the fetus but also for pregnant women.
Fetal failure is a condition in which the fetus does not get enough oxygen during pregnancy or during labor
Signs identify pregnancy
Fetal failure includes 2 groups with different manifestations.
For chronic fetal failure
Because miscarriage in pregnancy is not so obvious, please observe carefully the following signs:
The height of the uterus develops slowly because the fetus is underdeveloped because the blood supply is low
Fetal movements are slow, disordered. Previously the baby pedaled hard and many suddenly pedal lightly and less. If you do not see the baby pedal or move, the fetus is likely to be stillbirth, should seek medical attention immediately
The fetal heart rate changes, sometimes beating faster than 160 times / minute, sometimes beating quite slowly, less than 120 times / minute. The reason is that the fetus is hypoxia

For acute pregnancy failure
During labor, if the mother notices any of the following, she should tell the doctor to be handled promptly:
Amniotic fluid is green (usually amniotic fluid)
Amniotic fluid with meconium
The fetal heart rate is too fast, over 160 beats / minute or too slow 120 beats / minute
After birth, measure the first fetal blood pH and umbilical blood to determine.

Pregnancy Failure - Do Not Despise Pregnant Women

Which pregnant women are at risk?
Before pregnancy, women suffering from chronic diseases such as anemia, heart failure, blood pressure, kidney failure, respiratory failure ... are all at risk of fetal failure. During pregnancy and childbirth, pregnant women have manifestations such as forwards, small amniotic fluid, calcified vegetable cakes, premature rupture of membranes, prolonged abortion, fetal toxicity affected by maternal pathology. .
Mother has kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes…. often cause chronic pregnancy failure.

Pregnancy Failure - Do Not Despise Pregnant Women

If the fetus has problems (cords wrapped around the neck), it is easy to suffer from acute failure or possible fetal heart failure.
Pregnant women with diabetes such as diabetes, low blood pressure are more likely to get pregnant
Causes of fetal failure
There are many causes of pregnancy failure, the mother, the fetus itself or some other factors.
Cause from the mother
- Anemia is caused by any mother such as bleeding, low blood pressure, chronic anemia ...
- Lying position: If the mother lies on her back, the uterus will press against the aorta causing the blood flow to be blocked. Therefore, when pregnant, especially in the months near the end of pregnancy, the mother should lie on her left side so that the arteries are not pinched by the uterus.
- Mother's health: If she suffers from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, bacterial infection, obesity, it can also cause fetus failure.

Pregnancy Failure - Do Not Despise Pregnant Women

- Uterine contractions: These contractions will cause the uterine circulation - placenta to be interrupted for about 15 - 60 seconds and the blood supply to the fetus decreases by about 50%. If uterine contractions occur more often, persistent and prolonged will lead to fetal failure.
Cause from the fetus
If the fetus is one of the following, it is more likely to cause fetal distress:
- Pregnancy is premature
- Gestational age: If the expected date of delivery is over, the vegetable cakes are often calcified, which affects the delivery of oxygen through the placenta, leading to fetal failure.
- Malformation, infection, developmental delay ....
Other causes
These causes may come from the fetal appendage:
- Impaired placenta, placental abruption, placenta placenta .

Pregnancy Failure - Do Not Despise Pregnant Women

.. makes the process of supplying oxygen to the fetus affected
- Umbilical cord abnormalities such as umbilical cord prolapse, umbilical cord cord, knot, and umbilical cord wrapped around neck also interfere with oxygen transport
- Early amniotic rupture: Reducing the volume of fetal protection makes during labor, uterine contractions press on the fetus, the umbilical cord causes hypoxia.
Other causes:
- Difficulty delivery: Abnormal pregnancy or some other reasons that lead to prolonged labor and delivery, the fetus is affected.
- Anesthetics, analgesics, increased uterine contractions during labor may cause fetal failure if bending.

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