Prevent Sinusitis Complications In The Cold Season

The cold spells accompanied by changes in temperature between day and night in the past made the number of people suffering from respiratory infections, including sinusitis increased.
Some patients come to the hospital for complications of sinusitis, most commonly acute otitis media and bronchitis of the optic nerve in the eye, sometimes causing sudden blindness.
Doctor's note
Patients complain of ear pain or a prolonged cough, chest tightness, every antibiotic treatment is helpful but when the antibiotic stops, the disease returns immediately.
In these patients, there is usually a manifestation of sinusitis. If acute sinusitis with manifestations of bacterial infection: fatigue, mild fever or fever spines, anorexia, leukocytosis increased

Patients present pain in the face, forehead, temples on either side or spread to the teeth or up to the first half, pain increases in the morning due to the discharge of discharge and pus at night. In addition to bouts, only severe headache.

Accompanied by runny nose: one or two sides, common is the runny nose on both sides, at first, the discharge becomes thick, green or yellow, the smell is fishy and strong

Stuffy nose: one or both sides, often stuffy on both sides of the nose, accompanied by poor smell.

Prevent Sinusitis Complications In The Cold Season

Previous noseoscopy shows the entire mucous membrane of the nasal cavity and red nose, the nasal passages, most clearly the underline, red and swollen, put vasoconstrictor drug well. Slits between the sides: mucus or pus secretion.
Chronic sinusitis has little effect on the overall condition, there is no manifestation of infection, except for episodes of inflammation.
The patient feels tired, physically weakened or disorders of the airways or gastrointestinal tract caused by sinus pus if sinusitis persists.
Patients with frequent runny nose, one or both sides but often both sides. At first, white, yellow, mucous discharge drains green or yellowish discharge, with a fishy or foul odor due to superinfection. Pus usually drains from the back of the nose to the throat or bleeds into the front nostril

Nasal congestion: increasing and more pronounced resulting in complete obstruction due to stasis of pus, mucous-edematous mucosa, central degeneration, hyperemesis, or polyps often suffocate on both sides, but may be on one side if Sinusitis caused by teeth.

Prevent Sinusitis Complications In The Cold Season

Smelling bad at times, increasing or losing the smell completely. Dull headache or attacks in the forehead, cheeks or pain around the eye socket, deep inside the eye, the occipital pain in the back if sinusitis. Headaches often occur in the afternoon and afternoon making patients often tired, lazy to think ...
Examination of pale nasal cavity mucosa, edema or degeneration into the edge of the Kaufmann ridge in the median cleft, the medial polypleid caused by the degenerative sinus mucosa or the mucosa of the posterior fossa, median degeneration.
Slit between the sides: often with pus that stagnates or flows from the middle slit through the back leading to the nose floor. The middle cleft.

Prevent Sinusitis Complications In The Cold Season

Nasal passages: rolling below the sides often overburdened, pale, put vasoconstrictor medication poorly.
The bench between the two sides often degenerates the mucous membrane, is white or berry and looks like a polyp. Pus deposited in the posterior nostril or flowing from the upper slit to the posterior nostril, down the throat.
The tail is usually too inflamed and discolored, the mucosa of the septum thickens. X-rays show the expression of sinuses evenly on film.
Complications of sinusitis
Bronchitis and otitis media caused by complications of sinusitis can only be cured with good treatment of sinusitis.
Acute sinusitis can be cured if the cause and sinus drainage are eliminated, sinus congestion is prevented. It can also turn into chronic sinusitis and recur if it is not treated well.

Prevent Sinusitis Complications In The Cold Season

Although chronic sinusitis does not affect life, it will affect health, daily life and work capacity. Therefore, besides the treatment of complications, sinusitis must be immediately overcome by:
In place:
- Clean and clear nasal passages: blowing nose, washing nose, draining fluid and pus, placing vasoconstrictor drugs ...
- instillation: need to combine vasoconstrictor, antiseptic and anti-edematous drugs, long-lasting topical coticoid therapy is very effective.

- Hot steam bath: all kinds of essential oils, volatile.
- Sinus nasal aerosol: antibiotics combined with coticoid.
Antibiotic therapy for 2 weeks has a good effect on sinusitis, so antibiotics should be selected based on antibiotics; anti-inflammatory and reducing edema drugs; pain relief; antipyretic; improve the body.

Prevent Sinusitis Complications In The Cold Season

Sinusitis complications can be prevented by only treating the sinusitis right away when the disease first appears..

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