Prevention Of “brain Tired” Disease

The more the brain uses it, the more it responds quickly, but excessive activity can make the brain "stupid". A survey in the city of Shanghai-China found that up to 60% have the habit of working at night, 80% of which suffer from "brain fatigue".
3 types of people prone to brain fatigue
According to Dr. Thoi Hai Tung - Deputy Dean of the Department of Health, Dong Te Hospital, of Dong Te University, there are 3 types of people susceptible to brain fatigue. The first type is someone who has a strong personality, who doesn't allow himself to "lose" or follow others

. The second type is those who always pursue "perfection", think the work and how to do it very comprehensive and detailed, do not want to miss or neglect. The third type is those who like to compete, the thought "we have to win" is always on their mind.
Another factor that cannot be underestimated is that the internet is increasingly popular
Science proves that the brain's ability to receive information is amazing, in about a tenth of a second, the brain can receive 1,000 units of information.

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If the brain absorbs an extremely large amount of information in a short period of time, the brain is interfered with the "heterogeneous" information that leads to pathology. Therefore, Dr. Thôi Hải Tùng emphasized, the development and progress of science gives us many advantages but also makes us see more, read more, think more, which directly causes fatigue. Brain.
Manifestations of brain fatigue
The first manifestation of brain fatigue is insomnia. In the long run, the brain's energy is consumed a lot, the brain is often in a state of stress, that is, excessive excitement, causing difficulty sleeping.
Secondly, when the brain is too tired, the amount of blood circulating in the brain will increase, especially those in their 40s, for a long time to leave the brain in a tired state, it will increase the risk of stroke

Thirdly, if the brain is used excessively and continuously for a long time, there will appear some psychological problems such as: unstable mood, unreasonable temper, sadness .

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.. Heavy will lead to anxiety and depression. This is because excessive use of the brain reduces the ability of the central nervous system to suppress emotions, the ability to cope with external pressure is also impaired, thereby causing depression.
How does the brain relax?
Change a little routine. A British study showed that if the other hand brushed his teeth, closed his eyes when taking a shower, changed the way to work, play word games, listen to music ...

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then the brain will be less tired.
Out to the fishing suburbs. Hard work for a long time makes the brain unbalanced, access to the natural environment is a very good way for the brain to rest, especially to the suburbs where there is fresh air to fishing, feeling peaceful and comfortable, makes the brain in a state of relaxation and rest.
Exercise sports. You can go to the gym, you can work outside. Every day persevere for about 30 minutes, such as jogging, brisk walking, fitness, fitness is good.
Foods rich in vitamin A and zinc. Eat a lot of animal liver, lean meat, egg yolks, beans, green vegetables, carrots, etc.

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Talk to people often. This can not only divert attention, but also promptly "dissipate" the feelings of frustration and discomfort deep inside, reducing the risk of neuropathy.
Theo - Dân Trí.

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