Proper Hygiene Before “labor”

One of the most important and important things a mother needs to prepare before giving birth is clean body hygiene. If not properly cleaned, not only will the mother feel uncomfortable, but her health can also be affected because bacteria are more likely to invade. Hopital General Hospital shares the following helpful tips to help mom know what she needs to do to keep her body clean and comfortable before "overcoming".
Bathe clean
When "labor", excessive sweating will make pregnant women feel itchy and uncomfortable. Moreover, after giving birth, mom can't go to the bathroom right away

. Most women often choose short haircuts so that they do not feel entangled, inconvenient at birth. If you still want to keep your long hair, you need to clip it neatly.
In addition, I remember to bring some sweaty clothes and spacious luggage to the hospital
Mom also do not forget to prepare some more clean towels to wipe sweat at birth.

Proper Hygiene Before

A clean shower before giving birth is what mom should do
Hygiene of nails, toenails
Mother's fingernails and toenails, if left too long, will cause bacteria to accumulate, especially bacteria in the intestinal tract and cause damage to the baby when exposed by the baby's skin is still very thin. Therefore, you should cut your nails and toenails and wipe off the color on the nails.
Clean the private area
During pregnancy, hormones in the mother's body changes leading to changes in the activity and function of the reproductive organs. The vaginal discharge causes the vaginal environment to become moist, which is a favorable condition for the occurrence and growth of bacteria and fungi, causing gynecological diseases common in women. Therefore, the mother should clean the genital area to avoid adversely affecting the health of both mother and baby. Mom should note the following:
Do not take a long bath, soak in pond water or other dirty water.
Hygiene, change underwear at least 2 times / day to keep the genital area dry, prevent the formation and growth of fungi and bacteria

Absolutely do not douche deeply in the vagina because this is easy to damage the vaginal area and uterine bleeding.

Proper Hygiene Before

Use feminine hygiene solutions to clean the vagina but do not overdo it, because the chemicals in the solution will kill beneficial bacteria, losing the natural pH in the vaginal environment, easily causing dry, uncomfortable
After defecation - urination, need to clean the genitals by wiping dry with a dedicated cotton towel. Towels need to be changed daily.
Trimming private parts
Before giving birth, the mother should prune with scissors in case her private parts are too dense. Experts suggest that mothers should not shave or waxing themselves 7 days before delivery - regardless of whether they are a normal or caesarean birth. This is basically to prevent infection from small cuts on the skin, which can attract bacteria.
"Hair removal" has been a controversial topic. Some studies of pregnant women during childbirth show that the scratches or redness caused by pubic hair shaving may be the breeding ground for many types of disease. In some hospitals, pregnant women who have shaved their private parts are at higher risk of getting infections than those who do not have to do this.

Proper Hygiene Before

At present, shaving the genital area before delivery is still one of the mandatory body hygiene steps for many hospitals. However, this problem for many mothers makes it uncomfortable, many people absolutely do not like this shaving at all. Partly because of the disadvantages after removing the pubic hair that the mother encountered such as: irritation of the private skin, more and harder hairs, creating conditions that can easily cause infection.
Many hospitals around the world, especially the United States, have begun to recognize the need to avoid shaving their private parts during childbirth or caesarean section. Many doctors think that they can completely help women complete the labor without going through this step. In some hospitals, if a pregnant woman does not want to shave her private parts, she will be suggested to shave only half of the part that is related to the episiotomy. Therefore, if the pregnant mother feels she does not want to have a private shave, talk to her doctor right before the birth begins. Moms may be able to meet this wish or simply the doctor can advise to shave the needed part only.

Proper Hygiene Before

Anyway, pregnant women can also consult obstetricians during routine prenatal care visits for trimming the vaginal area. Mothers need to weigh the pros and cons of this before making a final decision.
Clean nipples
A few hours after birth, the mother was able to feed the baby. Therefore, the mother needs to clean the nipple clean before giving birth. Doing this will also help mothers not blocked milk ducts after birth.
Mother should use a soft shower to gently rub the sides of the nipple, avoid rubbing hard with the tip of the nail because it may hurt her nipple.
Mothers need clean nipples before birth
During labor, she must pay attention to urinate, usually every 2-4 hours urinating / work.

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