Protect Yourself When It’s Hot

Here are 8 things you should do when it's hot.
In hot weather, many people only think of using fans, swimming or using air conditioning but pay little attention to other necessary measures. Here are 8 things to do when it's hot.
Particular attention should be paid to clothing when leaving the house. Choose clothes made of light, light-weight, non-tight fabric

. Severe sunlight will affect the body's ability to cool itself and cause dehydration. It is also the "culprit" causing harm to the skin.
If you must be out, wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher before leaving home for about 30 minutes

Drink a lot of water
In hot weather, your body needs constant fluid replenishment, regardless of your level of movement.

Protect Yourself When It's Hot

Do not wait until your body feels thirsty to drink water.
If you are a hard worker in hot weather, you should drink 4 cups of cool water per hour.
Do not drink liquids that contain alcohol or too much sugar, because they only make the body more dehydrated. Avoid cold drinks because they can cause stomach cramps ("cramps").
Add salt and minerals
Sweat comes out carrying salt and minerals in the body. These are all very necessary and must be replenished immediately. Can drink sports drinks to replenish salt and minerals for the body

Pay attention to working hours
If working outdoors, note not to work from 11 am to 14 pm.

Protect Yourself When It's Hot

Resting in the shade this time will help your body adjust itself to the temperature.
Moderate work intensity
Start work slowly and gradually increase in intensity. If you exert yourself under the heat, it will increase the burden on the heart. And when you feel gasping, you need to stop all activities immediately. Go to a shady place and rest immediately.
Choose a cool spot
Stay indoors and, if possible, stay in a conditioned environment. If you are not able to stay at home, you should go to shopping centers or public libraries. Just a few hours in this environment is enough to help the body regulate body temperature before returning to the uncomfortable heat.

Protect Yourself When It's Hot

Electric fans can help dispel the heat, but when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees C, the fan does not help prevent heat-related illnesses. It is better to take a bath or soak in cool water or to an air-conditioned place.
People at high risk
Although anyone can get sick from heat, some of the following groups are at higher risk than others.
- Children under 4 years old are very sensitive to the weather, especially when temperatures rise. Therefore, children need to be helped by others to adjust their ambient temperature and to drink water regularly.
- People 65 years of age and older, the body responds slowly to changes in temperature.
- People who are overweight due to heart always work overload.
- Those who work hard, exercise too much .

Protect Yourself When It's Hot

.. are easily dehydrated and fall ill.
- People who are sick, especially heart disease, high blood pressure or those who are taking depressive drugs, treating insomnia or poor blood circulation.
These people should be checked at least twice a day and pay attention to signs of dehydration or stroke. With young children, it is necessary to keep eyes more often.
Other important notes
Avoid hot foods and greasy meals - they only make the body hot.
Young children need to wear cool clothes; If you go outside, you need to wear a hat and umbrella.

Protect Yourself When It's Hot

Minimize sun exposure at around noon time and avoid sunlit places like the beach.
Do not leave children alone in the car..

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