Questions About ‘orgasm’

The following questions are an initial exploration of a woman's sex life.
Can there be multiple orgasms in one intercourse?

Women do not have the same level of pleasure and only about 5-10% of women can have multiple orgasms in one intercourse.
This state has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefit is that the pleasure is always there but the disadvantage is that it takes 2-3 times to have an orgasm to feel satisfied, so sometimes it feels frustrating because the partner hasn't provided enough "doses." necessary".
Women who want to have lots of orgasms need to be instructed by a sexual therapist to train the perineal muscles (perineum), relax, and even the mental method (hypnosis). ).
Does polarity make fertilization more convenient?
No, except for women who have an orgasm called the uterine orgasm, which arises from uterine contractions

Uterine contractions can help sperm move upward to meet eggs.

Questions About 'orgasm'

However, there are many women who have children but have never enjoyed orgasm. And many women are sexually assaulted, without any orgasms but still pregnant.
Does self-arousal achieve orgasm?

Have. The difference between orgasms caused by self-arousal and orgasm with a partner is not in terms of intensity but in emotional sharing, which is why many women feel "more intense orgasms" with their partners.

Is it better for a couple to reach their peak together?

Pleasure is not the same thing. If you want to achieve it, then sometimes have adverse effects.
Usually, the more a couple understands each other, the better they get along and can achieve orgasm at the same time, but that's not the most important goal

What is the difference between orgasm and orgasm?
Pleasure is the feeling of relief, release, gratification of sex (or self-arousal).

Questions About 'orgasm'

Sexual pleasure is a pleasant feeling that wants to last forever but does not bring satisfaction.
The days of ovulation, sexual desire has increased?
It depends on whether the woman wants to become pregnant or not. For most women, the thought of having a baby and the hormonal changes that occur during the days of ovulation have also increased libido.
Some people think that there is a relationship between ovulation and increased libido, so it is easy to get pregnant and use that relationship for both those who can no longer have children or who are taking the avoidable pill. pregnant.
Will falling in love for a long time lead to boredom?
Do not confuse love and sex (the desire to find pleasure in your partner). There are couples who find it normal to feel no longer wanting each other much after 3-4 years of marriage, while there are couples after 40 years that are still inextricably linked.
Of course, after a few years the desire may not be as exciting as in the early days, but the basis for their endurance is not based on the physical desire of each other but on the empathy of the soul, on the moral values that each person has learned from family, school and social education.

Questions About 'orgasm'

If you follow only new desires, you will soon be disappointed that it is only an illusion, it is best to behave together to turn desire into love.
Lust must be fostered by "starving it", using it as a precious, fragile object, not as a trivial thing already in the pocket..

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