Raspberry – Precious Medicine For Men

In the traditional medicine garden, there is a medicine called "raspberry" which is very valuable for men. Raspberry also known as favors. The scientific name is rubus alceaefolius poir. (r.molúccanus L) belongs to rose family (rosaceae)

. Name the raspberry because it has a double fruit that looks like a red sticky rice dish.
Characteristics of raspberry
Wild plants grow throughout the mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam. Whole raspberry can be used as medicine
Leaves are astringent, have an activating effect, clear heat, stasis, eliminate inflammation.

Raspberry - Precious Medicine For Men

Leaves have flavonoids, tannins, fragarin, gallic acid and ellagic.
Ripe red raspberries are very beautiful, taste like strawberries, but not as good. The fruit has a light sweet taste, is calculated to neutralize the kidney, helps keep the temperament, enhances positive energy.
The fruit has vitamin C, pectin, fructoz, ellagic acid and other organic acids. Raspberries should be stored in the refrigerator because they quickly spoil.
Old branches of leaves are dried, cooking water instead of tea makes it easier to digest. Treatment of nephrotic pain, weakness, impotence, urinary incontinence, urinary incontinence, activation of sperm, and sperm

Leaf water is used to treat infections of the mouth and throat, the active ingredient may be tannin.

Raspberry - Precious Medicine For Men

Dosage: 20 - 30g excellent drink.
Some therapeutic uses of raspberry
Tea tree used as a cool drink, diuretic. Dosage of 10 - 15g braking or excellent oral.
In India, people use the fruit as a cure for children's bedwetting. Leaves are used as medicine for menstruation, causing miscarriage.
Antioxidants: Raspberries contain vitamin C, flavonoids, ellagic acid, which are antioxidants. Ellagic acid has the same antioxidant capacity as vitamin E, so eat raspberries to fight aging, prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
Urinary disease: people used to use raspberries to treat urinary tract infections in the past, but other tests did not show the antibacterial properties of raspberry juice.

Raspberry - Precious Medicine For Men

There are reports that root and leaf water treat urinary tract infections caused by E. coli.
Treatment of kidney stones: raspberries reduce large amounts of calcium in the urine, so are resistant to kidney stones.
Treatment of diabetes: Eastern medicine concept that diabetes mellitus belongs to thirsty consumption due to loss of leg. The thirsty thirst cause to drink a lot, the thirsty to eat a lot does not know it, the thirsty kidney produces much urine.
Raspberries are refreshing and refreshing, helping to clear the heat in diseased organs. The sweetness in raspberries is fructose, a "slow sugar" so people with diabetes don't have to abstain.
Briggs C.

Raspberry - Precious Medicine For Men

J. published that raspberry significantly reduced blood glucose in experimental subjects (Can Pharmaceutical 1997).
Prevent morning sickness: folk experience using raspberry for morning sick women However, with modern pharmacology, there have been no published tests on the harmful effects of raspberries on the fetus, so care should be taken when pregnant women.
Increased sexual capacity: research by scientists shows that weakened genitalia has a low zinc content.
Scientists found that raspberry seeds have a very high content of zinc, which is well absorbed by the body. Zinc is an important nutrient for sex, it can control testosterone levels, help men quickly excited and enhance the power of sperm.
Scientists also recommend that you should eat some raspberries before having sex because raspberries also have very high levels of antioxidants, which help better blood circulation to the genitals.
Treatment of chronic hepatitis, hepatitis, mammary glands: use 30-40g raspberry leaves, with holly, pine, each 15-20g, excellent drink.

Raspberry - Precious Medicine For Men

Treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis, inflammation of the mammary glands, mouth ulcers: raspberry twigs 30g, three sizes, kim anh, each taste 10-15g, excellent drink..

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