Recovery After A Femoral Neck Fracture

Question: My brother had a broken neck in the thigh bone, had surgery for 3 months but now his leg has not been bent and raised. Please consult your doctor about rehabilitation measures after fracture treatment to move quickly as usual. (Tran Ngai, Binh Duong).
The femoral neck fracture is the largest internal joint fracture in the body, usually after an injury. The rafts in the neck of the femur are closely pointed and the fan blades, adjacent to these two points is the weak point (neck surgery)

. Therefore, a fracture of the femur usually occurs at this weakness. If the bone is fractured as close to the cap, the greater the risk of necrosis because there is less nourishment here.
This is a broken fracture that causes the blood from the fracture to flow into the joint, if immobilized for a long time, it will lead to degeneration and joint stickiness
Patients need early treatment, early surgery, good immobilization, early mobilization to avoid joint adhesion.

Recovery After A Femoral Neck Fracture

Recovery measures include:
- Joint movement: is a good way to pump the fluid in and out, the joint is nourished and becomes soft, the rate of one stretching is 45 seconds, each time exercise 10-15 minutes, every day 4-6 times (Can practice from the 3rd day after surgery or cast.)
- Maintain muscle strength: practice increasing tension and muscle contraction.
- Practice walking: use wooden crutches to walk when the bone is not ready: horizontal bar on crutches to lean on the chest, straight gait, eyes looking straight ahead, not looking down at legs, shoulders shoulder level.
+ Practice walking with 3 fulcrum, no spleen or only slight increase in leg pain. The hands on crutches neatly, the two crutches and the healthy foot create the triangle. Take 2 crutches in front of 10 - 30cm in an ascending manner, balance on the handles, then step out, heal, continue with another step.
+ Use a cane when the bone is already firmly established: practice walking on the right leg and walking with the foot forward so that the weight on the sore leg and the walking stick will bear at the same time

+ The period of steady bone painless fracture in the fracture, then remove the stick and walk as usual.

Recovery After A Femoral Neck Fracture

- Use heat: hot water packs reduce pain, discomfort.
- Practice daily routines: practice making up and down steps, steps, and squatting. Depending on the level of injury, there is reasonable training time.
- Method of massaging: only gently massage by hand. Absolutely do not use high oils, alcohols, massage products to rub into joints that can cause joint stiffness, calcification of joints.
If the family can afford it, you can refer to the orthopedic surgery department at the prestigious hospital for treatment and rehabilitation.
Doctor Le Vinh
Head of Physiotherapy
Hopital General Hospital.

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