Red Beans Help Women Increase Energy, Fight Physical Weakness

Red beans in Chinese characters are called "Red bean chains" or "Red beans". According to the great medical doctor Tue Tinh, red bean has a sweet and sour taste, calculated non-toxic, can treat both sores, cholera, body aches, diabetes, vomiting, has a tonic and diuretic effect, is Ideal food for people with anemia. The anemic people do not dare to eat pig liver but red beans overcome it.
From red beans, many different dishes can be made according to the taste, such as picking young leaves of the red bean plant, washing, boiling, mixing it with oil and salt to replace boiled young rice or fruit.
In ancient times, women before childbirth often ate mung bean soup or mung bean cake to clean the blood

. After laying certain must eat red beans to enhance blood. For the regulation of the body, green beans and red beans are both foods with the same effect. But for women, it is important to understand the difference between the two beans for effective use
Using red beans during childbirth has a very good effect.

Red Beans Help Women Increase Energy, Fight Physical Weakness

The body of the mother during pregnancy ensures adequate blood flow for the children to be healthy.
Here are some uses of red beans:
- Treatment of glossitis: When the temperature in the body increases, the tongue is prone to severe inflammation, redness, sharp pain, then the tongue suddenly looks like blood red thread.
Use 1 cup of red beans, crush, mix in 3 liters of water, then pour into a clean cloth, squeeze the water in, divide into several times to drink will cure quickly.
- Treatment of mumps: Mumps is a very dangerous disease, if left untreated, it will cause complications and cause infertility in men.
Take a handful of red beans, mix with egg whites, add a little vinegar, apply thick to the swelling is out.
- Treatment of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids with hemorrhoids are internal and external hemorrhoids with acne, bleeding sores, pus and yellow water.

Use 3 bowls of red bean, 5 liters of vinegar

Bring cooked red bean, dried, soaked in vinegar, then dried again, soaked, soaked .

Red Beans Help Women Increase Energy, Fight Physical Weakness

.. so on until the vinegar is finished, dry the last time to dry and then spread the beans, divided into many parts, each about 12 grams of drink with alcohol, 3 times a day very effective.
- Helps increase energy: When the body is tired, you can use a simple way of combining red beans with garlic.
Take a peeled garlic, stir quickly, add water to the pot, add half a bowl of crushed beans and simmer, wait for the red beans to soften, then add some sugar and salt. Eating regularly once a day will restore fitness, eliminate fatigue and diuretic.
Fatigue, edema on face, urinating, after eating this dish will feel much more comfortable.

- Bright eyes, tonic blood: Take a bowl and a half of red bean with rhubarb and a bowl and a half of dried red beans, mixed in powder, each drink one tenth of the bowl with water, drink three times a day.

Red Beans Help Women Increase Energy, Fight Physical Weakness

This remedy can also eliminate hunger for a dozen days without eating rice.
- Cure body weakness: Every time the body is tired, drink a glass of red bean water immediately and you will feel extremely refreshed.

If you feel heavy body and mind, you should eat a bowl of salty red bean soup to eliminate this feeling. Want to eat sweet, you can give a little more honey, but actually the red head is more salty will be more effective.
- Good for pregnant women: Mothers who are pregnant if regularly eat red beans will help have more milk and hormones in the body are also more balanced.
(According to Afamily).

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