Remedies For Prostate Hypertrophy

The prostate gland surrounds the top of the urethra. When the prostate gland is healthy, it does not cause any problems, but if the disorder occurs in the prostate gland, the tissue in this gland will swell or grow, causing compression of the urethra and affecting the ability to urinate.
There are 3 types of disorders that can affect the prostate gland: inflammation, benign hypertrophy and cancer, of which benign hypertrophy is the most common.
According to traditional medicine, in normal people urinate due to the gasification of the three targets and related spleen, waste, kidney.
Aqueous humor due to the spleen's movement, the propagation and urging of the waste to the kidneys, through the oxidation of the kidneys, there is stratification, the rods are brought up to nourish the body, the bald down the bladder to eject

If not "operating" in accordance with such a process will appear long closing. The symptoms of this syndrome are weak urine flow, urinary retention, intermittent urination, dripping urine when urinating is complete, frequent urination at night, unable to empty urine in the bladder, etc. Bacterial bladder infections and kidney damage due to stagnant (stored) urine in the bladder

Traditional medicine divides dragon fruit into different forms, depending on which can be treated according to different remedies.

Remedies For Prostate Hypertrophy

Negative and negative kidneys: Urinary dripping, non-profit, back pain with tinnitus, palms, hot feet, red cheeks, thirsty mouth, red tongue, moss less.
Remedy: Shu Huang Huang 15g, 9g nostalgic painting, restoring spirit 9g, packaging 9g, 9g description, painting 6g of reprisal, burdock 9g, painted from her 6g, far from money 15g (wrapped in colors), dried draft 30g. Sac drank on a ladder.
Low heat: Urinary incontinence, yellow urine, abdominal distention pain, defecation of the apple, bitter and sticky mouth, red tongue substance, yellow tongue moss.
Medicine: sea animals 9g, 9g tickle, 12g paint, rhubarb 3g (for later), pine needles 9g, money from 15g (wrapped colors), licorice 6g, restoring spirit 9g, spleen 12g, injured 9g. Sac drank on a ladder.
Stagnant state: Urine dripping, urinating or urinary retention, small urine rays are not strong, abdominal distention is full, dark purple tongue or rash, blood stasis

Medicine: rhubarb 3g (for later), the equivalent of 12g, 12g biosphere, 9g armor painting, peaches 9g, sea animals 9g, hardwood 9g, burdock 9g, royal period 15g.

Remedies For Prostate Hypertrophy

Sac drank on a ladder.
Lower gas medium: Small amount of urine but no communication, tired person, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, thin tongue substance, thin white moss.
Medicine: ginseng 15g, 15g royal jelly, 10g white eucalyptus, licorice injection 6g, 6g ceiling, 9g sublimation, 9g lake paste, spleen 9g, 9g seaweed, pine needles 9g. Sac drank on a ladder.

The spleen of the kidneys is damaged: Urination leads, does not go completely, the urine is not strong, the back of the knee is weak, the face is white, the spirit is tired, the limbs are cold, the tongue is pale.
Remedy: Isochemia 15g, 15g royal prick, 15g apricot, 3g cinnamon stick (for later), flexible 12g, 15g far from money (wrapped), penetrated 15g armor, peach 12g, rose 12g, rose 12g, King in circulation 9g. Sac drank on a ladder..

Remedies For Prostate Hypertrophy

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