Remedy Cure Basil Lemon

Lemon basil is also known as thick leaves, cloves, coriander, herbs, Yangzi. The scientific name is Coleus aromaticus Benth, of the lip family (Lamiaceae).
Lemon basil is a kind of grass, about 30-50 cm high, close to the wood body of wood. Leaves opposite, succulent, tooth edge, single hairs on the upper surface, lower leaves more secretive. Take the leaves of your hand to feel a pleasant aroma, as cool as the smell of lemon (so called lemon basil)

Lemon basil leaves have essential oils, the main ingredient is cacvacrola. This essential oil smells like lemon very pleasant. According to recent studies, it has been confirmed that basil essential oil has strong antibiotic properties against bacteria causing respiratory diseases

Lemon basil is very easy to plant, just a small pot, plug the branches down into a tree.

Remedy Cure Basil Lemon

According to Oriental medicine, spicy basil, fragrant, warmth, has the effect of spreading the weather, sputum, except leprosy, antiseptic, used mainly to treat flu.
Usually people only use fresh basil leaves, where to pick it, should not be dried to save, just difficult to preserve, just poor quality. For ease of use, now people have studied distilled lemon basil oil.
Some remedies for using basil
Asthma treatment: 12g basil leaves, 10g perilla leaves. Two things washed, excellent drink. When taking the drug should abstain from fried foods, cold drinks, seafood.
Treating flu, fever, headache, stuffy nose, cough with phlegm: Take 15 - 20gr thick leaf frequency, crush and squeeze juice to drink, or maybe add ginger, onion (12gr each), cook and steam for sweating

Treating high fever without sweating: Take 20gr thick frequency leaf leaves, 15gr perilla leaf, 5gr fresh ginger (thinly sliced), 15gr licorice soil.

Remedy Cure Basil Lemon

All cooked for warm water to use for sweating.
Cough treatment: Pick up a few thick leaves, chew, suck and swallow water.
Cough for children: Basil with chives, honey. All 3 things steaming, giving children a very clean mouth and cough.
Treatment of sore throat, laryngitis: Use 20gr thick leaf frequency, 15gr honeysuckle, 15g soil, 12gr musk, 12gr licorice soil, cook drinking water.
Treat bad breath: Use a handful of dried basil, sharp water to gargle and suck mouth. Suck often several times a day, only after a few days can see the effect, stop bad breath.
Treatment of nosebleeds: Take 20gr of thick leaves, 15gr of monitoring (black star), 10gr of flower (black star) and 15gr of licorice soil.

Remedy Cure Basil Lemon

Bring to boil water for a day with the same amount, or take the crumpled leaves and tuck into the bleeding nose.
Treatment of soreness caused by bee stings, centipedes bite, scorpion bite: Use 20gr thick leaf frequency, a little salt (grain salt) to crush or chew thoroughly, swallow water, and then cover up the wound wound.
Currently, many Southeast pharmaceutical companies have processed natural herbs with the effect of clearing air and cough. In particular, the main content is the frequency of thick leaves such as Tragutan (including the thick leaves, ginger, peppermint oil), Eugica (thick leaf frequency, ginger, cajeput oil) ... used to treat colds very much (Theo Dong Deer online).

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