Rice Seeds – Common Skin Diseases

Rice kernels are a common skin disease caused by the HPV virus. In recent years, the number of patients suffering from rice grain has increased and the incidence in women is higher than that of men.
Classification of rice grain disease
There are two types of rice grains, ordinary rice and flat rice.
Rice kernels are usually caused by HPV types 2, 4, 27, 29. The basic lesion of the disease is rough papules of size 0

.3 - 1 cm, normal skin color. The common position of this type of rice grain is the skin prone to trauma, such as the face stretching the joint or the joint or in the pressure area of the foot.
Flat rice: Appears are papules small in size from 1 - 5mm, round or polygonal, skin-colored or dark-colored
They can stand alone, in clusters, sometimes in bands (Koebner sign).

Rice Seeds - Common Skin Diseases

Common position of this type of rice grain is in the face, arms and torso.
Rice seeds can grow in any position on the body
Manifestations of disease
Normal rice grain: Lesions are wounds on the surface, hemispherical or flattened with a diameter of several millimeters to 1-2 cm, in the center of each wart may be concave.
Rice grain surface often increases spines, even forming small grooves. The horns in succession. The numbers vary from a few to a few dozen, sometimes in large numbers.
Common position of the rice grain is usually in the back of the hand and fingers, rarely grows on the palm. Hand rice kernels are caused by HPV2 and HPV1

Flat rice: Mainly caused by HPV type 3.

Rice Seeds - Common Skin Diseases

10. Lesions of this type are small papules that rarely float high, have a yellow or yellowish tint, shiny, thin surface, or are concentrated in strips, in patches and cause itching.
The common place for flat rice seeds is on the back of your hands, fingers, arms, knees and front legs. This disease is common in immunocompromised people. In this patient, the lesions are high or normal size.
These rice seeds persist for months or years, in many cases there are signs of surrounding inflammation or hypopigmentation.
Treatment of rice grain disease
Although rice grain does not affect life but sometimes affects labor and daily life. There is currently no treatment that can cure or prevent relapse, so the treatment is aimed at creating "no rice" periods as long as possible and without scarring.

Rice Seeds - Common Skin Diseases

When you have rice grain, you should not rely on scratching because it can cause infection
In immunocompromised patients, the goal of treatment is to control only the size and number of rice grains.
Researchers have found a number of methods to help remove rice grains: Using liquid nitrogen to cause depigmentation. This method is very effective for cases of dry wart growing on the face, instep, penis.
The kernels of the sole of the foot can be treated by trimming the wart, applying 40% salicylic acid and then dressing and replacing it with 3-5 days. Repeatedly weekly, monthly will eliminate the rice completely. This method is safe, effective and usually has no side effects.
In addition, patients can use special creams or gels to apply to the rice to help eliminate them. What's more, modern CO2 laser therapy is effective at treating recurrent warts, plantar soles or under warts.

Rice Seeds - Common Skin Diseases

Measures to prevent rice grain disease
First of all, patients should not scratch, scratch or cause damage to the rice. The rice grains in the genital area can cause sexual transmission, so use condoms when having sex to avoid the risk of infection.
Besides having to clean personal hygiene, eating and drinking must ensure hygiene, full of nutrients.
When being infected with rice seeds, they cannot be trusted and peeled, causing injury and being susceptible to infection. If you have rice seeds, it is best to see a dermatologist as soon as possible..

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