Rotavirus Infection: Danger For Young Children

Rotavirus is the most common intestinal virus, often causing severe diarrhea in young children worldwide. In Vietnam, 1 in 2 children are hospitalized for acute diarrhea, due to rotavirus infection.
Rotavirus is very contagious and spreads very quickly
Rotavirus infection in children mainly through the feces - mouth and hands - mouth route. Rotavirus is usually excreted in the stool of the patient and persists for a long time in the environment, the virus can stick to the hands, on the floor, objects, household items, children's toys .

.. if auxiliary Parents do not pay attention to clean hygiene can be a source of infection for children.
Children are also easily infected by drinking or eating contaminated food during cooking or cooking due to unsanitary conditions because the cook's hands are contaminated with viruses by touching surfaces and objects
(furniture, toys, floors .

Rotavirus Infection: Danger For Young Children

..) were previously contaminated.
Recently, some scientists suspect rotavirus can also be transmitted through the air because the virus is found abundantly in the respiratory secretions of infected children.

Young children are more likely to get sick
Acute diarrhea caused by rotavirus is an acute gastrointestinal infection caused by rotavirus. The disease is very common in children and young children, especially ages 3 months to 2 years old.
The younger the child, the higher the risk of serious illness and the higher the hospitalization

In the first 5 years of life, almost no child is immune to rotavirus diarrhea.

Rotavirus Infection: Danger For Young Children

In Vietnam, rotavirus diarrhea is most common in children aged 3 - 17 months; 46% of cases occur in infants under 5 months old and 59% in children 6 - 11 months old.
The younger the child, the higher the risk of rotavirus infection and the more severe the disease. Many cases of untreated cases have led to dangerous complications such as malnutrition and even death.
When children infected with rotavirus will excrete a very large amount of virus to 10 trillion, but only a very small amount of about 10 viruses can infect, cause disease in humans. The virus can spread easily through contaminated hands.
Signs of children having rotavirus infection
After being infected about 12 hours to 4 days, children begin to show symptoms.
The typical symptom after a child is infected with rotavirus is vomiting and diarrhea: vomiting appears 6 to 12 hours before diarrhea and can last for 2-3 days.
Children vomit a lot on the first day and lessen when they start having diarrhea.

Rotavirus Infection: Danger For Young Children

Babies often have watery, watery stools, sometimes greenish, may have mucus, but not bloody.

Diarrhea increased for several days, then gradually subsided. Diarrhea and vomiting can be more than 20 times a day.
Most children will have diarrhea after 4 to 8 days. However, there may be a child who still has diarrhea for up to 2 weeks even though he or she is well, started playing and demanding food again.
Other symptoms that may occur in children include: moderate fever, abdominal pain, cough and runny nose.
Because vomiting and diarrhea have just happened so many times, children infected with rotavirus are very susceptible to dehydration, without proper care can put their health and life at risk.
Principles of care and precautions
Rehydration for children is the first principle in the treatment of rotavirus diarrhea, the first priority is the sugar salt solution to replenish water and electrolytes (also called mineral salts such as Na, potassium, chlor .

Rotavirus Infection: Danger For Young Children

..) lost through faeces and vomit, the commonly used oral solution is a solution of oresol (dry sea water).
95% of diarrhea cases in children are successfully treated with oral rehydration and feeding.
Parents can give children other types of fluids if they find it difficult to drink oresol, alternative fluids such as cold boiled water, rice water, porridge, fruit juice, fresh coconut water ...

Breastfed babies should breastfeed as much as possible because breast milk in addition to providing enough water for babies, breast milk is also a valuable source of nutrition to help children cope with illness and get well soon.

Rotavirus Infection: Danger For Young Children

Rotavirus spreads rapidly and exists around us. This type of virus is resistant to common detergents such as soap, javen, etc.
In addition, this acute diarrhea is caused by a virus, so antibiotics do not work against the disease.
Conventional measures such as hand washing, breastfeeding, improved sanitation are measures to reduce the transmission of other diarrheal pathogens, but they are unlikely to be effective in preventing rotavirus diarrhea.
Studies show that the best way to protect young children from rotavirus diarrhea is by getting vaccinated. The World Health Organization has recommended immunization for all children to prevent this dangerous disease..

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