Rubella’s Danger To Pregnant Women

Rubella disease or Rubeon disease (or German measles) is an infectious disease caused by Rubella virus and usually appears in winter and spring. Although benign, the consequences of Rubella on pregnant women are extremely serious, causing serious complications for the fetus.
What is rubella?
Rubella is a benign typhus. The disease is not too dangerous for the infected person but it is very serious for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects in the fetus. The disease can be transmitted from mother to blood

Rubella is unique to humans and does not occur in pets or other animals. The disease is less dangerous to children but can have unpredictable consequences for pregnant women. Every year, around 700,000 children in the world die from congenital rubella syndrome

Rubella is a dangerous disease for pregnant women
The causative agent is rubella virus.

Rubella's Danger To Pregnant Women

People are the only reservoir. The incubation period lasts 14 - 21 days, an average of 18 days. The period of transmission lasts from 7 days before to 7 days after the rash. The respiratory disease is caused by inhalation of the patient's nasopharyngeal secretions diffused in the air or in direct contact with the patient's nasopharyngeal secretions. In closed living conditions, most infected people can get the virus.
The effects of Rubella
Although benign, the consequences of Rubella on pregnant women are extremely serious.
During the early pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, complications of Rubella are extremely dangerous, and can even lead to miscarriage, fetal deformities or the risk of giving birth to children with Rubella syndrome

Rubella's Danger To Pregnant Women

Rubella virus from the mother's blood passes to placenta into the fetus during the onset and the onset of the disease. This virus has the ability to destroy or slow down the development of an embryo and this is the cause of birth defects to the fetus.
Symptoms of rubella disease in pregnant women
Rubella can be found in both adults and children, but is especially serious and dangerous for pregnant women. The incubation period is about 2 weeks. When onset, the normal person shows signs of typhus accompanied by fatigue, minor fever, headache, swollen glands and the rash will recede in about 1 to 7 days. In pregnant women, the disease usually has no obvious symptoms but is extremely dangerous to the fetus.
Rubella in pregnant women can cause birth defects
Rash is a typical sign of Rubella, but it is not clear to pregnant women.
Stages of disease
Incubation period
16 - 18 days, can range from 14 - 23 days, usually 10 days from exposure to fever.

Rubella's Danger To Pregnant Women

This time the patient was infected with the virus but no signs of illness. Period of onset: Before rash 1 - 7 days; fatigue, headache, fever, mild conjunctivitis and swollen glands; very mild or absent breathing symptoms; In children, a rash may be the first manifestation of the disease.
Full-time period
Rash with 3 characteristics: the rash begins to grow on the forehead, face and spreads to the back and extremities; erythematous macular rash, lighter color than measles rash but can be combined into a broad, red halo; The rash persists for 1 to 5 days, but the most common is 3 days (so rubella is also called measles 3 days). - Swelling and pain in the wrists, knees, fingers and most clearly in the rash. - Sometimes there is a manifestation of testicular pain in young people. Recovery time: Symptoms last 3-4 days and then go away on their own. Symptoms of joint pain can last 1 - 14 days after other symptoms of Rubella go away. A year later can relapse; The period of being able to spread the disease to others is about 1 week before and at least 4 days after the rash, if a child with congenital Rubella syndrome can clear the virus through faeces until 30 months of age.

Rubella's Danger To Pregnant Women

Ways of spreading Rubella
About 1 week before the rash and during the rash is the most favorable time for Rubella to spread to the community. Especially in cramped, crowded places such as schools, dormitories, theaters, cinemas, etc. Rubella spreads very quickly through the respiratory tract through the following ways of transmission:
- Transmission when an infected person coughs, sneezes, and spits: When a rubella virus coughs or sneezes, droplets containing the virus are released to the environment and if people around them breathe the virus, it can easily become infected. contagious.
- Spread from mother to child through blood. Rubella virus can disrupt, disrupt the development of the fetus while still in the womb, so it can cause dangerous complications for children such as cerebral palsy, heart damage, blindness ...

Rubella's Danger To Pregnant Women

- In the oropharyngeal secretion of a child with congenital rubella: Babies who have been infected with Rubella virus from birth will eliminate many viruses in the pharyngeal secretion, in urine and that is a source of transmission to nearby people or contact with the source of that disease.
The time should be tested for Rubella
The Rubella test is done for women who have never had the disease and who have never had a rubella vaccine. Best time to perform x.

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