Safe Sleeping Postures For Babies

Poor sleeping position will affect health. Parents should understand the pros and cons of the following 3 postures to help children have the correct sleeping posture.
Sleeping position supine
Safety is quite high
A child's nose is not covered by a blanket or outside object, causing suffocation
Relieve pressure: Don't put pressure on internal organs like the heart, lungs, stomach, and bladder
Convenient care: Parents can see at a glance that the child's sleep state, care at any time
Influence on head shape: Long time lying on the head is easy to get flat, lack of sense of security.
When there are no obstructions on the back, the child will feel unsupported.
Respiratory problems: Lying on the back helps the baby's body to relax, which can cause the tongue of the relaxed tongue to fall backwards, obstructing the airways

If a child has a stuffy nose, lying on his or her back will make it hard to breathe, causing snoring, so when the child is blocked, it's best not to let him / her lie on his back.
After drinking milk, if the child sleeps right away, the child should lie on his right side.
Sleeping position prone
Safe feeling
The fetus in the womb is also in this position, conscious of protecting itself
Reduce vomiting: When children lie on their stomachs, the substance quickly dissolves in the stomach, leaving no deposits in the esophagus and throat leading to vomiting

Body development
Beneficial for children to practice turning and crawling
Easy to suffocate: The head is quite large, the force in the neck is not enough, when it is easy to turn over the pillow, the towel stops causing suffocation, dangerous to life
Not easy to dissipate heat: The abdomen is tightly tied to the bed mattress, which causes the body temperature to rise, the sweat fluid cannot disperse promptly, causing eczema for children.

Safe Sleeping Postures For Babies

Lie on your side
Avoid choking: Once a child vomits, lying on the right side can cause vomit in the oral cavity to flow out of the mouth, not into the throat, causing a cough, choking.
No snoring: If children snore, can move their body to lie on their side, snoring will disappear, breathing is also more convenient.
Affect ear shape. A long time lying on the side will make the ear ring of the child under pressure to change the shape of the ear, lying on the left or right should also pay attention to the child's ear rim easily deformed.
Lying on your side for a long time makes the baby's head flatten on one side, preferably every 3-4 hours
Tips for a safe baby sleep
For babies who are healthy and less than one year old, sleeping on their backs is an ideal posture. However, some of the following measures will be helpful to ensure a safe sleep for your baby.
Avoid bedding
Should use hard mattresses instead of too soft mattresses, water mattresses or baby lying on the sofa, experts also recommend that mothers should not put too many pillows, blankets or stuffed animals around the baby in the crib as it can covering the baby's head or face during sleep causes suffocation

Avoid covering your baby's head
A blanket should only be applied to the baby's chest with arms exposed to avoid movement of the blanket to the head to prevent suffocation.

Safe Sleeping Postures For Babies

Experts also advise parents to use a baby sleeping bag as a bed to keep their baby warm without covering their head.
Sleep in the same room with your baby
Parents can sleep in the same room as your baby to facilitate breastfeeding and check your baby at bedtime.
Avoid overheating
Should wear light clothes and sweat-absorbing material for babies to sleep through the night. Also regularly check your baby's body temperature for heat.
Good sleeping environment
It is important to maintain a cool sleeping environment with a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius for your baby.
Using pacifiers (at bedtime)
The American Academy of Pediatrics says that pacifiers can prevent SIDS. However, do not force babies if they do not want them or if they fall out of their mouths.
Avoid sharing beds
Experts recommend that babies should not share a bed with parents, adults, siblings or other children.

Safe Sleeping Postures For Babies

Do not sleep in the same bed as a baby, especially after drinking alcohol or taking medicine because of the risk of suffocation in children..

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