Schizophrenia – The Disease Is Curable

A lot of people have a strange disease that many people say is a disease caused by the devil, that is, they find themselves stupid and hate themselves; standing in front of strangers, they lose confidence and stress; Always imagine that people are saying bad things about themselves; the mind is often empty or forgetful; gossip and sometimes speech disorder ...
In essence, this is schizophrenia (schizophrenia) - a pathology of the brain caused by complex biological changes, heavily influenced by unfavorable psychosocial environments. The disease can be cured or relieved if you find it early and treat it promptly

Manifestations of disease
People with schizophrenia often have very noticeable signs: they think that they have big faults, they have to be punished severely, gradually isolated from society, friends, reduce work performance (difficult to practice be attentive, slow and ineffective at work), depression, apathy, sadness, sadness, anger, always feeling tired or wandering, overly concerned with the onset of symptoms body (such as weight gain, pimples ..
), paranoia, changing relationships with relatives (naturally losing all affection with relatives), hallucinations (the most common are speech hallucinations, hearing voices say untrue), feeling everything has a special meaning.

Schizophrenia - The Disease Is Curable

People with schizophrenia think that their thoughts are understood and understood by other people, always thinking that someone assassinated and poisoned them.
There are also people who think that they are great, have superhuman thoughts and actions, which no one can do.
People who are worse have behavioral or emotional abnormalities that are easily agitated or speechless, crouching in one place, indifferent to everything around them. Temperament of people with schizophrenia also changes happy and sad.

Who is susceptible to disease?
Schizophrenia usually develops between the ages of 18 and 28 The following people are at risk of illness: being shy from childhood, being afraid to interact and living alone; taking hallucinogenic drugs; hearing or vision disabilities interfere with their correct perception of their environment; family history of schizophrenia; Severe stress.
What to do to help the sick?
As noted, schizophrenia can be reduced and completely reversed if detected early and treated promptly. In order for patients to get better, experts mainly use psychotherapy in combination with medication

The cure is also highly dependent on the patient's family members and the surrounding community.

Schizophrenia - The Disease Is Curable

On the family side, early detection of abnormal signs should be taken to get patients to medical facilities for early treatment.
When patients are dispensed, to urge, inspect and manage patients' medicines, so that they take them on time, regularly and in full doses.
Family members absolutely must not treat patients that this is a poison, affecting the health of the patient but arbitrarily cut the drug or adjust the dosage that the doctor has prescribed.

On the community side, there must be a good attitude, sympathetic to the sick. Do not mock, ridicule patients.
There should be useful activities for patients to participate in making them feel comfortable and confident.
Patients should be allowed to participate in family activities, to talk and to engage them in family conversations.
Listen to what they have to say and show that everyone understands them.

Schizophrenia - The Disease Is Curable

In addition, instruct them to gradually do simple tasks such as washing, washing, personal hygiene, folding blankets, sweeping the house, cleaning up the accommodation.

When the disease worsens, the patient appears signs such as agitation, smashing, not eating, not speaking ... they must be taken immediately to medical facilities for timely treatment.
In this situation, the patient is very easily agitated, so sometimes there are abnormal intentions such as self-injury or intimidating attacks, the people around..

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