Sell Lower Male Detoxification, Anti-cough

The lower half of the male is also known as the root bulb [Tiphonium trilobatum (L.) Schott], the asteraceae (Araceae), a wild herb growing in most localities in our country.
In the winter, when the leaves are dead, dig up the rhizome, wash, cut off the rootlets, and then halve or triple according to the size of the bulb. Dry or tumble dry. Care must be taken before use, to remove the anesthetic and itching agent in the tuber


According to traditional medicine, the lower half has a paradoxical effect, only coughing, except for sputum, and vomiting. Used to treat cough due to low phlegm, manifested cough with productive sputum, or cough due to chronic bronchitis. Also used when the upper air causes vomiting

Can be used outside to detoxify.

Sell Lower Male Detoxification, Anti-cough

Dose 4-12g / day in the form of decoction, or concealer, complete medicine. It should be noted, people with heat-induced apple should not use, pregnant women use with caution.
Some remedies for sale
In traditional medicine, a commonly used remedy has a semi-sublime taste, which is the "Nhi Tran thang" method: Half-sale (preparation) 12g; ceiling packaging, white spirit each 10g; Licorice 8g, in the form of decoction for the treatment of coughs, phlegm (welding), cough for a long time or when the gas rushes into the upper digestive area, causing vomiting.
Treating cough, sputum, irritable epigastric, vomiting: Half-sale (preparation), bare skin, white spirit each 250g; Licorice 75g. Bring 4 herbs on smooth canopy, mixed with Khuong do complete solution, use 2 times daily, each time 9 -15g

Treatment of cough with phlegm or fever accompanied by cough, mouth thirst, and shortness of breath: half-blood (preparations) 6g, ephedra, carcinoma, and death benefit from 8g each; radiation, almonds each 10g; Sinh Khuong 4g; plaster 20g; Great apple 12g. Sac drank on a ladder, until all the symptoms.
Treating cough, shortness of breath, long-term asthma: Lowering (processing), sui, almonds, 8g each; Bare, white, licorice each 10g

Use in the form of decoction on a ladder, or down sale 12g, ephedra (remove roots) sting honey 8g, locust (remove seeds) gold star.

Sell Lower Male Detoxification, Anti-cough

All 3 flavors give a fine powder, each taking 2-3g with warm water, 2-3 times a day. Drink until the symptoms improve.
Treatment of chronic bronchitis, asthma, sputum: half-sale (preparation) 15g; Ma Huang, white dahlia each 10g; cinnamon chi, Te Tan, Ngu vi tu, can khong, licorice each 5g, used in the form of decoction, on a ladder.
Drink for several days until symptoms improve, or sell down (manufacture), adultery each taste 15g; ceiling packaging, licorice each 10g, used in the form of decoction, on a ladder. Drink for several days until symptoms improve.
Treating long-term asthma, pale skin, anemia: Half-sale (preparation) 8g; ceiling packaging, spirit, licorice each 10g; dong quai, 12g each location, in the form of decoction, on a ladder.
Treating welding sputum, cough, palpitations, trouble sleeping: Half-sale (preparation) 8g; just real, bare skin, white spirit, licorice each 10g; bamboo 8g, in the form of decoction, on a ladder.
Treatment of bloating, nausea: Half-blood, bare skin, white spirit, licorice, with 12g of each flavor, excellent drink; or sell down (prepared) 40g, only 28g corpses, alum 32g, excellent drink.

Sell Lower Male Detoxification, Anti-cough

Treatment of bee stings, snake bites: Bring fresh and semi-knocked tubers peeled, crushed, put on the sting. If being bitten by a snake, firstly, it is necessary to perform necessary operations such as syrup, squeezing, removing all venom, removing the teeth of the snake, taking fresh hypodermic tubers, crushing and bandaging into the place of snake bite. However, for snakebite, it is necessary to monitor and take measures to promptly transfer to the emergency hospital when necessary..

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