Shoulder And Neck Pain – No Longer A Problem

Many cases suddenly after a night of waking up, aches and pains all over the body, especially the shoulder and neck pain. Symptoms of shoulder and neck pain persist for days or even months.
There are many causes of shoulder and neck pain such as degeneration, herniated disc, cervical vertebrae for various reasons; due to a crooked neck due to a high head pillow, lying in the wrong posture or crooked neck; due to malformations.
Due to inflammation, trauma or mechanical factors such as long sitting, long bowing (computer typing, office work ... or due to carrying the wrong posture, especially workers wearing coal and sand from boats to the wharf) .
In addition, people have noticed that there are a number of favorable factors that cause ischemia in the shoulder and neck such as long sitting habits in front of fans, in front of air conditioners (air-conditioners), going out without hats, a hat to let the sun shine on the nape…
Time of neck and neck pain appears:
The most obvious manifestation of damage to the neck vertebrae or pinched nerves or ischemia can cause symptoms of neck and shoulder pain

Shoulder and neck pain usually occurs early in the morning when waking up or sitting at a desk for long periods of time, such as typing, bending down to read documents or correcting documents, or preparing lesson plans (teachers) for a while.

Shoulder And Neck Pain - No Longer A Problem

long sessions in one session or in a day and can last for days, weeks, months ...
Many cases in addition to shoulder pain in the neck also cause fatigue in hands, numbness, and heavy hands, so when doing one or two hand-supporting movements or when driving a car (motorbike, car), it is necessary to change the handle. driving because the other hand is tired, very uncomfortable.
There is also the author that a certain percentage of neck and neck pain can cause hemiplegia, even cause myocardial infarction due to pinched blood vessels nourishing the heart.
In general, shoulder and neck pain is a relatively high prevalence of the disease, mainly in adults or in people with occupational characteristics and especially the elderly

Can self-diagnosis of neck and shoulder pain?
Some cases can diagnose yourself with neck pain for what causes, for example, sleeping on a high knee, waking up in the morning with a stiff neck, shoulder pain, hand fatigue or lying in the wrong position for many hours.

Shoulder And Neck Pain - No Longer A Problem

curled up, with a high head pillow or prone position.
Most of the cases of unknown causes or confusing causes do not know which is the main cause of shoulder and neck pain.
At a medical facility with conditions other than physical examination and examination, the doctor will order an x-ray of the cervical vertebra, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT) and also an EEG. map, bone density measurement, blood biochemical test if any cardiovascular disease ...
Overcoming neck and shoulder pain:
It is important to address the cause of the neck pain, but it is important for the patient to know why the shoulder pain is important, such as not reading books, reading stories that last a lot of time in a session day; do not lie on your head with a pillow that is high on your back, both prone.
Some occupations can not help but sit for a long time such as typing, driving long distances, office work, trying to take breaks between working hours and practicing to bend, stand up or turn your head and turn your neck.

Shoulder And Neck Pain - No Longer A Problem

gently for 10-15 minutes after a few hours of continuous work.
However, in cases where a doctor has examined and determined that cervical vertebrae causes cervical vertebra sclerosis, cervical herniated disc, you should not turn your neck, turn your neck or turn your back sharply, if you do then there will be 'gain and loss'.
Massage, acupressure properly, the right expertise and regular implementation daily can also bring certain effects associated with drug treatment. What medication should be consulted by a doctor, should not buy medication and told.
Currently, science is growing so Western medicine has drugs used to treat arthritis in general and osteoarthritis in particular. Medication is both a painkiller and a gradual treatment for joint injuries that have little or no effect on the digestive tract of the patient.
It is also recommended to gradually eliminate the habit of sitting in front of the air conditioner (air conditioner) for many hours; When going out of the house, you need to wear a hat, hat to block the sun whenever there is sunlight.
Those who are addicted to tobacco and waterpipe tobacco should quit because the toxins in waterpipe tobacco and tobacco also contribute significantly to the disease that causes osteoarthritis.

Shoulder And Neck Pain - No Longer A Problem

If you want to avoid having neck and neck pain, you should do gentle, regular exercise, proper exercises, moderate activities and always think that health is more precious than anything else in this world..

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