Signs Identify Colon And Cure

The majority of colon tumors are benign and do not cause too much danger to the patient. However, it cannot be subjective, because a small percentage of tumors can still progress to malignancy. Therefore, it is best to monitor the body and quickly detect the risk signs of colon cancer for timely intervention.
Symptoms of colon cancer
Colon cancer is a disease that everyone is likely to get, in which the high-risk group is over 50 years old or has a family history of people who have had colon cancer. Usually the clinical manifestations of colon tumors are often the same and do not cause many specific symptoms

. But over time and factors such as location, size that causes the tumor to develop lead to the following manifestations:
If the tumor is located in the colon, the common symptom is diarrhea;
In the case of a tumor located in the colon, patients often have prolonged constipation and sometimes constipation mixed with diarrhea;
As for tumors located in the upper mucosa, the ulcer can appear causing hemorrhage, causing patients to have bowel movements with fresh blood and mucous
In addition, patients may experience additional symptoms such as headache, nausea and vomiting.
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The potential risk of colon cancer leads
The main reason for the appearance of colon tumors has not been fully determined, but many experts have pointed out a number of key risk factors for colon cancer to develop in the human body. Detail:
Age: The percentage of age increases in proportion to the risk of colon cancer, in which the risk begins to increase when the age of 40;
Problems with intestinal inflammation (IBD): If the patient has ever had inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis, partial inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn)

Signs Identify Colon And Cure

. then the risk of colon cancer is also high;
Family history: In a family with a relative who has had colon cancer, the likelihood of developing colon cancer is also quite high;
Weight: People who are overweight or obese also increase the risk of diseases including colon-related diseases;
Unscientific living habits: Smoking and using too much alcohol will increase the risk of colon tumors and stimulate them to develop;
Sedentary activity: Being inactive and often just sitting still will affect the overall development of the digestive system.
In addition, racial factors can also affect the high incidence of colon cancer when many cases are reported from blacks and Jews.
Types of colon tumors
The colon is considered a colon polyp and is a cluster of cells that grow on the lining of the colon lining. Colon can be divided into three types: adenomatous, hyperplatic and inflammatory.
Adenomatous: The tumor usually appears in the colon and rectum and has benign growth. However, for cases larger than 1cm, the risk of developing malignancies is higher
If not removed, they continue to grow and can become cancerous;
Hyperplastics: These types of tumors are usually smaller than 5mm in size and very rarely progress to malignancy;
Inflammatory forms: Inflammatory tumors that form like polyps appear in patients with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.

Signs Identify Colon And Cure

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How to diagnose colon cancer?
The diagnosis of colon cancer is usually done by the following methods:
Colonoscopy: This is a common method to accurately diagnose the appearance of colon cancer and in small cases, it can be removed during colonoscopy;
X-ray: This method allows the diagnosis and evaluation of the entire large intestine;
CT scan: This is considered a safe, comfortable and minimally invasive method and does not require the use of analgesic factors;
Stool DNA test: This test is usually ordered when the patient is at high risk for cancer;
Genetic testing: For patients with a relative with colon cancer, genetic testing can be done to determine cancer risk.
Methods of treating colon cancer
Depending on the size, location and number of tumors, the doctor will prescribe different treatments. If the colon tumor test is small in size and small in number, it can be removed during colonoscopy using specialized instruments.
In cases where the tumor is large and cannot be removed by the above method, the patient will be offered laparoscopic surgery. In addition, in more severe cases, if the tumor develops abnormally, the doctor may order to remove the affected colon from the tumor.
A case of colonoscopy
How to prevent colon cancer
Besides performing screening tests to prevent colon, the subjects at high risk should change their lifestyle and eating habits and activities.
Follow a low-fat diet instead of increasing your intake of foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains;
Little substance.

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