Sinusitis – Not Just A Winter Disease

In the past, rhinitis and sinusitis were considered to be diseases of the cold season, the weather at the time of changing seasons. But now even when the weather has turned to summer, rhinitis and sinusitis are still causing many people to be uncomfortable and miserable.
The cause to the illness
There are many causes of sinusitis, such as inflammation, which causes the air circulation between the sinuses to become stagnant, the mucus in the mucosa of the sinuses secreted is not circulated, creating favorable conditions for the bacteria to grow. For bacteria, there are a number of normal parasites living in the sinuses do not cause disease, but when conditions are favorable, they become pathogenic (for example, due to clogged sinus mucosa, viral infections.
Sinusitis is also common in patients with atopic allergies (food allergenic, pollen, chemical, allergic reactions such as urticaria, eczema, leeches, allergic dermatitis). , prolonged allergic rhinitis ..

) makes the mucous membranes of the sinuses edematous or clogged, creating conditions for bacteria to grow and cause disease.

Sinusitis - Not Just A Winter Disease

Or it could be due to tooth decay, dental infection, especially in the upper jaw; people with low resistance such as the elderly, rickets malnourished children, people with chronic respiratory diseases, using antibiotics unreasonably make bacteria resistant to antibiotics.
Habitat is not clean, smoke, kitchen smoke, cigarette smoke are also favorable factors causing sinusitis.
The disease is not just of winter
Not only headlining in the winter, many people suffer because of the disease in the summer. This is due to erratic weather changes, vehicle exhaust, environmental pollution and more often to working too frequently in air-conditioned environments.
When the temperature difference between the air conditioner and the outdoor room is too big, the humidity is too low, the air conditioning system is not cleaned regularly, the air in the room is not naturally circulated, so bacteria, mold, viruses rapid growth ..
has led to colds, sore throats, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

Sinusitis - Not Just A Winter Disease

In addition, the disease is more common in subjects who are exposed to smoke and dust, such as carpenters, construction workers, street sweepers, etc. Many cases of illness caused by walking on the streets often do not wear masks, or live. in polluted areas. Gasoline from vehicles is increasingly crowded.
These are the reasons why the rate of rhinitis and sinusitis accounts for the majority in urban areas and when the weather is already in summer, the disease still does not improve.
Preventing illness in "off-season"
To minimize the risk of "off-season" sinusitis, when using air-conditioners, the temperature should be kept no more than 8-10oC (the optimal temperature is 26oC), there should be a steam humidifier water or simply a basin of water to the room. When traveling, wear a mask to prevent dust, polluted air.
For those who already have sinusitis, when it comes to illness, not only the quick relief of the unpleasant symptoms, but the most important thing is to thoroughly resolve the disease such as proper sinus wash with physiological saline and use Special medicines prescribed by your doctor.

Sinusitis - Not Just A Winter Disease

BS. Hanh Trinh.

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