Skin-to-skin Contact – A Method Of Endless Benefits For Mothers And Babies

Skin-to-skin contact is an important step that parents should take immediately after the baby is born. This method not only brings many benefits for babies but also good for pregnant women.
Skin to skin is what method?
Skin-to-skin contact is actually the placing of a newborn baby, not wearing clothing lying on his / her breasts or bare stomach. When placing, the baby's chest, abdomen and legs should be pressed close to the parent and the baby's head should be inclined to one side.
This method should be done early, 30 - 1 hour after birth

. For a mother having a caesarean section, she should be put on her father or done right after she is awake and stable to be healthy.
Process of skin-to-skin method
For normal births, this method should be used immediately after drying the baby. For caesarean section, skin to skin should be performed after cord clamping is delayed

Skin-to-skin contact essentially puts the newborn on the mother's or father's bare chest and abdomen
The procedure for standard skin-to-skin method is as follows:
- Put baby on the mother's skin after birth so that the baby can touch the breast
- Do not wear clothes, can wear diapers or hats for babies and cover blankets for both mothers and babies to keep cold.

Skin-to-skin Contact - A Method Of Endless Benefits For Mothers And Babies

However, do not cover his head or face
- Perform skin-to-skin method at least 1 hour after birth and continue to do as much as possible in the following days as much as possible
- If the mother can not implement this method, she can give skin to skin with a relative in the family, in which, father is the object of the highest priority.
The important milestones for skin-to-skin contact should be remembered
The skin-to-skin approach is not only good in the first few minutes of life, but also benefits many years later. Mothers need to keep in mind the important milestones for skin to skin to bring the most benefits for babies.
- From 0 - 90 minutes after birth: This time to actively support the development of the baby's brain.
- From 0 - 6 hours after birth: Performing skin to skin will help stabilize heart rate and breathing rate
- From 6 - 24 hours after birth: The skin-to-skin method helps babies to form a breastfeeding schedule and a stable sleep cycle
- From 12 hours - 8 weeks postpartum: Baby skin and mother skin are always in contact will increase intimacy.
Great benefits of the skin-to-skin approach for babies and mothers
The skin-to-skin approach has many benefits for both baby and mother. Let's find out the great benefits

For baby
Stable heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature and blood sugar
From the mother's warm womb to the outside world, the baby will be "shocked" about the change in temperature, plus the delicate skin that is very sensitive to the baby's cold.

Skin-to-skin Contact - A Method Of Endless Benefits For Mothers And Babies

Therefore, maintaining body temperature is extremely important for babies.
Skin-to-skin contact arouses the instinct of looking for a breast to hold on to your baby
On the mother's body, the chest is much warmer than other areas. When the baby is skin-to-skin with the mother, just a few minutes later, the breast will adjust itself to warm or cool depending on the needs of the baby.
In addition, there are many studies suggesting that for caesarean women, babies who have skin-to-skin contact with their father often have higher blood sugar and body temperature than those who are placed in an incubator postpartum. The skin-to-skin exercise for babies also helps them to adjust and stabilize indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing ...
Reduce crying, reduce stress
After birth, if your baby has skin-to-skin contact with the mother soon will help him feel less painful and faster to recover.

Skin-to-skin Contact - A Method Of Endless Benefits For Mothers And Babies

Besides, just 20 minutes from skin to skin also helps reduce 67-72% of cortisol, a stress hormone. Since then, help less fussy babies and less stress.
Protect children from the harm of separation
When not being close to the mother, especially when she has just come out of her mother's womb, the baby will cry a lot. Crying is not good for children, can adversely affect lung function, increase stress hormones, increase intracranial pressure ... If separated from the mother for too long, babies cry too much will lead to hypothermia , reduced blood sugar, decreased heart rate ..

Skin-to-skin Contact - A Method Of Endless Benefits For Mothers And Babies

. Even too long separation can affect the emotional development of the baby later.
Meanwhile, if the baby is exposed skin-to-skin contact with the mother early will significantly reduce this situation because many studies have given the number, the number of crying babies are separated from the mother 10 times and the time 40 times longer crying time than the baby was near the mother.
Creating optimal conditions for brain development
At birth, the baby's brain is not complete and the size is only 25% of that of an adult. Skin-to-skin contact requires many sensory organs involved so it supports the development of nerve pathways, which play an important role in the comprehensive development of the brain.
In addition, the skin-to-skin method also promotes the almonds deep in the center of the adult brain, a powerful support for the process of memory creation and sensory formation in children.
Besides, skin-to-skin contact with the mother makes it easier for babies to fall asleep and sleep deeper. While deep sleep plays an important role to help promote the maturation process of the brain.

Skin-to-skin Contact - A Method Of Endless Benefits For Mothers And Babies

AIDS digestion
If the skin-to-skin contact is about 1 hour, the baby's digestive system will be restored to equilibrium, the microcapsules in the intestine of the baby will increase in size to help.

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