Skin Whitening – What You Need To Know

Many women want to have a bright white skin and rush to apply many unsafe methods, which are harmful to their skin and health. Here are the common mistakes in body whitening
- Wait for bad skin, aging to take care of: If you do not want to spend a lot of time, effort and money to invest in improving the skin, do not let your skin degraded before worrying about beauty . This will hardly work well for your skin.
- Only skincare for a while and discontinue as soon as it shows results: The first time when using cosmetics, the skin will have significant changes. If subjective and discontinued use, gradually your skin will return to its original state

. Beauty always needs to be done regularly and continuously, otherwise your skin may be worse than without maintenance.
- Choose products that are not suitable for the skin: women do not know the actual skin of their skin but only need someone to 'tip' to buy and buy, regardless of whether or not it suits their skin type or is not. This is indeed wrong because your skin is often not the same

- Only take care of a small area of skin but forget the other skin areas: if only the beautiful face skin, the skin of the neck and the whole body is dark and rough, it is also difficult for you to confidently wear sexy bare back dresses.

Skin Whitening - What You Need To Know

- Running after expensive skin care products: Can not just rely on the price of the product but quickly conclude about its quality. In addition, although expensive, the product is not suitable for your skin, it is difficult to promote the beauty effect.
- Too confident about your skin but forget to sunscreen when outdoors: In fact, no matter how beautiful and smooth your skin is without protection and careful shielding, it is an opportunity for aging. , dark pigmentation appeared.
- Do not pay attention to your daily diet: Do not think that eating will not affect your skin care. If you don't eat enough and lack the necessary vitamins, your skin will be easily wrinkled, dull and the ability to have a bright, smooth white skin is hard to have.
- Care and skin care while they are still beautiful
You need to buy yourself a set of skin care products, especially body lotion, so that your skin will always look fresh and naturally beautiful.

Skin Whitening - What You Need To Know

- Need to know your skin type before choosing skin care products: oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin? It is best to ask your beauty therapist to check for you for accuracy and advise you on which skin care product to suit your skin for more effective skin care.

- The skin care must be regular, long-term and stable. If the subjective has beautiful skin and stop using skincare products then gradually your skin will return to the old state. You should maintain your skin care by choosing products that contain natural extracts, which not only help your skin to lighten, but also prevent the appearance of bruises. and the skin is always soft, smooth, maintaining skin stability.
- Do not run after price when choosing skincare products: It is important to know how the product, the quality, is suitable for your skin or not before choosing to buy.
- Apply sunscreen supplement every time you go out: If you don't want your skin to be darkened under the sun, you should find a way to shield your skin. Use skin creams that contain sunscreen (SPF, PA), natural body lotions with sunscreen supplements to help prevent tanning and whitening skin such as pearls , rice germ .

Skin Whitening - What You Need To Know

- Pay attention to all skin areas on the body and use separate whitening products for each skin area: face skin, body skin.

Note: You should choose the whole skin care product from the same brand to get the best effect.
- Eat more fruits and vegetables: are the healthiest foods for your health as well as your skin. Avoid eating hot, spicy, greasy or alcohol, tobacco, etc.
- Skin also needs to be moisturized regularly. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water to moisturize the skin and prevent your skin from drying out, dehydration, and darkening.

Skin Whitening - What You Need To Know

Drink water whenever possible, don't wait until you feel thirsty to drink.
- Massage skin regularly: Massage works to enhance the circulation of blood vessels under the skin, helps to release the accumulation of elements under the skin and helps detoxify the skin, making your skin always smooth, youthful and bright white.
Beautiful skin and natural smooth white skin are always a sexy symbol and full of vitality of the woman, so remember to try to remove the wrong habits in skin care for the skin to be increasingly improved. Please..

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