Slimming Food For Age 30-40

Are you ready to regain your slender appearance and youthfulness? Add to your daily menu these foods and you will have both the necessary nutrients and weight loss.
Filtered water and lemon
A study conducted with 240 women in California showed that people who use filtered water instead of soft drinks can lose about 1.5 kg / year on average compared to those who drink soft drinks. People who drink more than 4 glasses of water a day can lose an extra 1kg compared to those who drink less.

In addition, the phosphoric acid in soda can cause osteoporosis because it imbalances the amount of acid in the blood

Eat plenty of fiber
According to a study in the UK, people who eat breakfast high in fiber can burn 2 times more fat than those who eat refined foods (low fiber content). Enjoy a breakfast with at least 4g of fiber.
Lisa Dorfman, assistant professor at the University of Miami, explains, "Fine foods reduce insulin levels, limiting the body's ability to consume fat as a fuel
Ground flaxseed
Flaxseeds are rich in fiber and beneficial fats that help stabilize blood sugar, so you can eat comfortably.

Slimming Food For Age 30-40

A few studies have shown that these nuts can also reduce signs of hormonal disorders because they are high in plant estrogens. Crushed flaxseeds are more easily digested. You can prepare them with cereals, soups or salads.

Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that make you feel full longer. A 1-year Australian study of people with diabetes who had to follow a low-fat diet.
They found that people who ate about 8-10 walnuts a day lost more weight and more fat. These subjects also reduced their insulin levels

Spicy Spicy
In a study of 36 people (including men and women), Australian researchers demonstrated that people who regularly ate spicy had lower insulin levels (the hormone responsible for fat accumulation) lower than 32%.

Slimming Food For Age 30-40

Because the capsaixin in spicy spices improves the ability to remove isulin from the blood after eating, so you can burn fat.
Add a little sweet cinnamon coffee cup instead of using sugar, you can reduce a few hundred calories a week.

Cinnamon also helps to protect the heart, because according to Pakistani researchers, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon per day can help reduce 18% of cholesterol harmful to the heart and 30% of trigryxerin.
Several studies have shown that salmon helps you lose weight effectively while providing a good amount of vitamin D and a lot of calcium. These substances are very helpful for your waistline..

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