Slow Digest – What Medicine?

Functional dyspepsia is common in about 20-25% of the population.
Manifestations of the disease
The main clinical condition is a feeling of pain and discomfort in the abdomen, especially in the epigastric region after eating, including many different levels of discomfort, hot flashes, soreness or tense feeling, Fullness, nausea ...
These symptoms must last for more than 3 months and appear at least 3 episodes

. These symptoms change over time and depend on the type of muscle dysfunction.
Great attention is needed, before the diagnosis is ascertained that functional dyspepsia requires a gastro-duodenal endoscopy to eliminate physical damage, in addition, an ultrasound is needed to rule out other conditions such as attacks. Hepatitis due to gallstones

How is functional retardation treated?
For effective treatment, it is necessary first to exploit the useful information from the patient, especially the habit of using stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee, tea, tobacco .

Slow Digest - What Medicine?

.. drug patients have used before, especially anti-inflammatory drugs or non-steroidal steroids.
Obese patients need to lose weight and patients with psychological stress should be used psychotherapy for treatment.
In addition, attention should be paid to the time of onset of symptoms, if symptoms have persisted but do not affect the patient's life, they do not need treatment, or if new symptoms appear, it should be monitored for a while. time to confirm a diagnosis before treatment.
On the contrary, if the symptoms are severe and affect the patient's life, it should be treated
Then consider using the drugs to treat the most effective and least side effects.

Slow Digest - What Medicine?

There are many drugs that can be used to treat functional dyspepsia, but the optimal course of therapy to date has not been determined, depending on the type of indigestion that can be used alone or in combination. the medicine. There are several commonly used drug groups:
The sedative group: commonly used is Sulpirit (Dogmatil). Basically, this is an anti-bipolar psychiatric medication, but it also works on the reticular area of the brain stem and therefore inhibits gastric juice secretion.

Therefore, the drug is also indicated for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease or functional colon disease.
When using high-dose and prolonged drug may experience undesirable effects such as drowsiness, drowsiness, extrapyramidal syndrome, increased lactation, breast enlargement in men, decreased pleasure, apathy, weight gain , orthostatic hypotension ...

Slow Digest - What Medicine?

Do not use the drug for pregnant and lactating women, epilepsy patients, people with adrenal medullary tumors. Do not take the drug with levodopa, alcohol, other antihypertensive drugs.
Agents: The two commonly used classes of drugs are Dopamine and Cisapride receptor inhibitors.
Acid inhibitors: most patients with functional dyspepsia have a gastric acid disorder called ulcer disease, so acid suppressors are commonly used, notably two groups of receptor antagonists H2 and proton pump inhibitors.
In addition, drugs to protect the stomach lining such as prostaglandins are also used in treatment and give good results.
Treatment aimed at HP bacteria: depending on the study but the frequency of encountering HP bacteria in the dysfunction is about 50%.
Currently, depending on the conditions, clarythoromycin, tinidazole or amoxycilin or metronidazole can be used in the treatment of HP, in addition to the use of bismuth in the treatment of HP, the results are quite good.
In summary, functional dyspepsia is a common disorder, but only a small number of patients need treatment, the issue of selecting patients and the treatment regimen is a very important issue.

Slow Digest - What Medicine?

Therefore, all patients should not use drugs themselves but have to go to reputable medical facilities for accurate diagnosis and diagnosis, from which the doctor will give necessary advice. Best..

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