Smell Disorders, Not Subjective!

Smelling disorders can affect the quality of life of a patient, even potentially dangerous if not detected and treated in time.
What is smelling disorder?
Smell disorders occur when the olfactory organ or odor sensing unit is malfunctioned, when this appears can manifest in many different levels from poor smell to loss of smell or smell.
In humans, the normal sense of smell can differentiate between 10,000 different smells, the smell that stimulates salivary glands because there is a connection between the sense of smell and taste, so people with olfactory disorders often accompany according to poor or loss of taste.
A decline in smell function is generally not life-threatening but can be dangerous if we lose our sense of smell; he or she may eat rancid food, not detect signs of gas stoves or the burning smell of a house fire. Loss of smell can lead to loss of taste and lead to depression.
Sometimes the loss of smell is only temporary, especially after we have the flu, whereas head injuries can cause permanent loss of smell or cause bad smell, the patient always smells rotten. which people call the illusion hallucination.
Classification of smelling disorders
Loss of smell: Loss of sense of smell, the most common smelling disorder, can occur temporarily or permanently

Odor disorder: This is a distortion of smell perception, it makes people have the illusion of an unpleasant smell.

Smell Disorders, Not Subjective!

The reason is that the patient takes a certain medicine or is mentally ill.
Smelling too hearing: Increased sensation with smell.
Decreased sense of smell: Decreased sense of smell is usually temporary, often caused by the flu.
Loss of smell due to aging: Usually occurs as patients age.
Cause of smelling disorders
There are many causes of smelling disorders:
The most common causes are nasal polyps, flu, nasal congestion, upper respiratory viral infections, atrophic rhinitis
Extremely crooked nose or septum or slot injury due to traffic accident or sinus surgery, head injury
Use a long-lasting medication such as antihistamines, anti-edema drugs or amphetamine, estrogen, naphazolin, phenothiazines ..
Aging or tumors in the nose and meninges, or lead poisoning, pesticides, chemical treatments or radiation

Nasal polyps can lead to sniffing disorders
Treatment of smelling disorders
There are many ways to treat smelling disorders: from the simplest of lifestyle changes to surgery.

Smell Disorders, Not Subjective!

Treatment for mental illness sometimes affects the sense of smell. If the smell is related to the aging process, it cannot be cured.
Some common remedies for sniffing disorders include: saline nasal wash, antihistamines, allergens, antibiotics in case of infection, anti-inflammatory drugs such as steroids, polyps and mass removal surgery Benign tumors, reshape nasal septum to clear nasal passages, sinus drainage
Not all causes of smelling disorders are preventable. Patients with a smelling disorder are not allowed to smoke nor smoke. People who have smelling disorders related to allergic rhinitis need to avoid their allergens. Because head injuries also cause smelling disorders, it is necessary to wear a helmet when riding a motorbike..

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