Stress In Pregnancy – Be Careful!

Besides the happiness of being a mother, many pregnant women face psychological stresses due to worries about their children's development, fatigue, morning sickness, body aches and problems. Daily life.
Pregnancy causes a woman's body, emotions and life to change which leads to a sense of stress that is common during pregnancy. High levels of stress that last for a long time can cause health problems, like high blood pressure and heart disease. During pregnancy, excessive stress can increase the risk of premature birth (birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy) or low birth weight, babies born too early or too young are at risk of health problems.
We all know that stress is not good for children, but the extent of its impact is heavy, not all pregnant women understand. How to reduce the pressure, stress in pregnancy here?
What causes stress during pregnancy?
The causes of stress vary for each woman, but here are some common causes of pregnancy:
- Body fatigue due to nausea, constipation or back pain.
- Hormone changes causing the mood of the pregnant mother to change
- Worrying about labor or how to take care of your baby
- Stress at work
- Busy life
- Domestic violence
Harm of stress during pregnancy
Lack of blood oxygen
A pregnant mother under stress is likely to cause fetal hypoxia, affecting the chemical components of the blood and fetal nutrition that can cause birth defects

Psychological effects on the fetus
Pregnant mothers under stress are more likely to have feelings of anger and resentment toward the fetus, since then their mothers and children have had cracks.

Stress In Pregnancy - Be Careful!

Many psychologists believe that the first emotional relationship will affect the personality and behavior as well as the psychological perfection of the child.
The fetus is at risk of hyperactivity
By assessing the behavior of children born to mothers with constant stress, they were found to be hyperactivated, similar to attention deficit hyperactivity.
It is thought that when mothers are stressed, the levels of the hormones cortisol and dolpamine in the blood will increase. These substances cross the placenta, resulting in higher cortisol and dopamine concentrations in these babies compared to other normal children.
Pregnant mothers under stress are more likely to have feelings of anger and resentment toward the fetus, since then their mothers and children have had cracks.
Mothers under stress during pregnancy can affect the fetus
The risk of autism
If a woman has a mental disorder at 32 weeks, the baby is twice as likely to have a behavioral disorder, lasting up to 4-5 years of age. For women with psychological disorders at 38-40 weeks, the risk of the child's behavioral disorders is twice as high but lasts 7-8 years
In a depressed mother, her psychological hormones affect the child's endocrine system.

Stress In Pregnancy - Be Careful!

As a result, the system is reduced in function, leading to a deficiency of some hormones, putting babies at risk of autism.
Slow to say
Research on children with language delays, scientists found a relationship with mothers during pregnancy. An estimated 15% of children with language delays are due to mothers with mood disorders in pregnancy. It is thought that mothers' depression and anxiety reduce activities such as eating, resting. This causes the lack of substances needed for neurological development of the fetus, causing the baby to slow speech.
Decreased learning ability
A study of learning ability and memory of 112 6-year-old children showed that mothers with anxiety disorders in the early stages of pregnancy affect the concentration index, attention in children. When measuring the hippocampus on their brains, they were found to be smaller in size than normal mothers. The hippocampus region helps to remember and study well.

Stress In Pregnancy - Be Careful!

If the size of this area decreases, the ability to concentrate memory will also decrease.
The risk of heart disease
Children of women who experience extreme stress during pregnancy are at a higher risk for heart disease than other children. At the same time, they are also able to cope with stress in life less, health is also weaker than other children.
I am gay
"Pregnant women with mental stress are also more likely to have a gay child," said Dick Swaab, a professor at the University of Amsterdam. Because when stressed, our body releases cortisol hormones that affect the production of sex hormones for the fetus. ”
Limit stress during pregnancy
The side effects of stress during pregnancy are clear, so how to limit stress, help moms always feel comfortable?
Eat lots of foods that contain iron and fiber
A healthy diet and a scientific diet will help your mother say no to the stresses of pregnancy. Try to get plenty of iron-rich foods like leafy greens, red meats, eggs, sardines and beans. In addition, the doctor will prescribe more iron pills for women.

Stress In Pregnancy - Be Careful!

When taking iron pills, you should drink more orange juice or fruit juice, they contain more vitamin C helps mothers absorb iron more easily.
You should also include plenty of fiber-rich foods like oats, whole grains, and crackers.

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