Target Heart Rate When Exercising, Losing Weight And Protecting Your Health

How much heart rate is appropriate when exercising and how to monitor them? The simple chart in this article will help you identify the target heart rate zone during exercise. Find out the normal and maximum resting heart rate for your age; Understand how intense exercise is and some other factors that affect your heart rate.
How to determine the target heart rate
When exercising, how to know if we practice too much or not enough?
A simple way to know is to know your target heart rate because it helps to maximize the effect of each workout. Whether you are an elite athlete or a sedentary person, knowing your target heart rate (or pulse) will help you track your health and fitness level.
First thing: Heart rate at rest
The resting heart rate is the number of times the heart beats per minute while it is at rest. The best time to check is in the morning after a good night's sleep, before getting out of bed or before drinking your first cup of coffee.
For most people, a resting heart rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute (n / p) is normal.
Heart rate can be affected by stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, medication use and physical activity levels

An athlete or active person may have a resting heart rate as low as 40 beats / minute.

Target Heart Rate When Exercising, Losing Weight And Protecting Your Health

The lower the heart rate, the lower the break. Because that means the heart muscle is in good shape and doesn't need much work. Research has shown that high resting heart rate is often associated with physical inactivity, high blood pressure and obesity.
Know your stats: Target and maximum heart rate
The table below provides information on target and average maximum heart rates for many ages. The maximum heart rate is determined by 220 minus your age.
Select the age number closest to your age to see your target and maximum heart rate. The target heart rate in physical activity averages around 50-70% of the maximum heart rate, and when exercising heavily up to 70-85% of the maximum

This is an average of heart rate, used as a general guide.

Target Heart Rate When Exercising, Losing Weight And Protecting Your Health

Age Target heart rate- 50-85% Maximum heart rate, 100%
20 years old 100-170 n / p 200 n / p
30 years old 95-162 n / p 190 n / p
35 years old 93-157 n / p 185 n / p
40 years old 90-153 n / p 180 n / p
45 years old 88-149 n / p 175 n / p
50 years old 85-145 n / p 170 n / p
55 years old 83-140 n / p 165 n / p
60 years old 80-136 n / p 160 n / p
65 years 78-132 n / p 155 n / p
70 years old 75-128 n / p 150 n / p
Go to the goal: Measure your heart rate
Now that you know your target heart rate, you can control your heart rate within the allowed range. A wearable tracking device will make this easy, if not, you can identify it manually:
Catch pulse inside wrist, thumb side.
Use the tip of the first 2 fingers (not the thumb) to gently press the blood vessel.
Count the circuit for 30 seconds and then double to identify the circuit in one minute.
Important note: Medications can affect your heart rate and change your target heart rate range. Consult your doctor for a target heart rate if you have heart problems or are on medication.
What will the indicators tell you?
When your heart rate is too high, you are overtraining. Please reduce.

Target Heart Rate When Exercising, Losing Weight And Protecting Your Health

If your heart rate is too low, or from 'low' to 'moderate'; You need to speed up the workout harder, especially when you want to lose weight.
At the beginning of the workout, you can aim for a low level of the target heart rate (50%) and slowly increase it. Over time, you can reach your maximum 85% of your heart rate comfortably. Then congratulations!

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