Ten Nutritious Dishes For Chronic Abdominal Pain

Chronic abdominal pain has many different causes, manifested by various forms such as abdominal pain due to cold, abdominal pain due to cold or vomiting, abdominal pain, edema, abdominal pain due to gastritis, abdominal pain caused by spleen and damaged spleen ... To Can refer, below would like to introduce some specific dishes.

Treating stomachache caused by cold: Use ‘dog meat porridge, bean porridge’: dog meat 250g, porridge porridge 20g, brown rice 100g, just enough salt

. Washed dog meat, washed rice, cooked with dog meat. When the porridge is cooked, add beans and salt and boil for a while. Eat 2 times a day

Treating abdominal pain, chest tightness, thirsty mouth: Use the ‘Green bean sticky rice porridge, lotus leaf’ dish: 50g green peas, 2 leaves fresh lotus leaf, 150g white sugar, 100g sticky rice.

Ten Nutritious Dishes For Chronic Abdominal Pain

Green beans treat clean, put in the pot, just enough water, bring to a boil, before boiling the beans for clean sticky rice and dilute porridge. Wash lotus leaf, blanch through boiling water, put 1 leaf on the bottom of the pot, pour mung bean glutinous rice porridge on top, cover 1 lotus leaf, cover again, 5 minutes after removing lotus leaf, for sugar is okay. Eat during the day.

Treatment of abdominal pain caused by cold, vomiting, limbs edema: Use the dish 'Porridge fish with red bean, red bean': crucian fish 250g, red bean 50g, brown rice 100g, ginger, onions, alcohol, just enough salt. Rinse fish cut into pieces, put in a pot, add water and spices, cook to remove water, remove bones. Add the red beans (soaked for 4 hours) and rice, enough water, simmer until the rice flour to the MSG. Eat during the day

Treatment of stomachache, gastritis, vomiting: Use of 'Beef mushroom porridge': 100g mushroom, 100g beef, brown rice 100g, minced onion 10g, finely chopped fresh ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate just enough.

Ten Nutritious Dishes For Chronic Abdominal Pain

Cooked beef, sliced, washed mushrooms. Meat, rice, mushrooms into the pot, just enough water, to cook porridge. Porridge cooked for a while is okay. Eat 2 times a day, 1 small bowl.

Treating abdominal pain caused by weak spleen, intestinal inflammation, chronic stomach: Use ‘Red apple porridge, sticky rice’: red apple 15g, sticky rice 60g. Apple soaked for 1 hour, then cooked together with sticky rice to cook. Eat 2 times a day. Treatment of abdominal pain caused by spleen, chronic intestinal inflammation.

Ten Nutritious Dishes For Chronic Abdominal Pain

Relieve spleen damage, bloating, pain: Use 'Ginseng chicken soup': 1 chicken, 5g cinnamon, 10g dried ginger, 30g ginseng party, 8g cardamom, 5g ceiling, 10 pepper seeds, soy sauce, just enough salt. Rinse chicken intestines and wash them into the pot with spices, enough water for thorough security. When cooked meat is filtered for water. Eat meat, drink soup.

Treatment of spleen damage, abdominal pain, back pain, weakness: Use ‘goat's soup’: 1 goat goat, goat fat 50g, 12g leisurely dish, cardamom 5g, wheat flour 50g. Add enough soy sauce, onion, and salt. Flour processed into flat yarn. Goat wash clean peel off fat film.

Ten Nutritious Dishes For Chronic Abdominal Pain

The other items put in cloth bag put in the pot, enough water, simmer to boil and lower the fire. When the goat is cooked for seasoning, the noodles are cooked. Eat during the day.

Treating abdominal pain soaked, vomiting in water: Use the dish 'Pig stomach soup': pig stomach 150g, fresh ginger 15g, 3g cinnamon stick, salt just enough, stewed water. Serve with meals, eat 2 times a day.

Treat cold stomach pain, peptic ulcer, eat poorly: Use the dish "Beef soup with high quality khong": beef 200g, sorghum khong 10g, dried ginger 3g, salt just enough. Meat washed, filtered tendons, ligaments, finely chopped. Sorghum khong washed.

Ten Nutritious Dishes For Chronic Abdominal Pain

Put everything in a clay pot, make enough water, bring to a boil, then lower the heat after 2 hours to add seasoning. Eating a meal together.

Treating stomachache, stomach caused by welding, poor eating, bad digestion: Use this soup to neutralize the air. The dish of crucian fish cooked with ginger and tangerine shells is made of ginger: 1 fish 250g, fresh ginger 30g, tangerine peel 10g, pepper, enough salt. Clean the fish, remove the intestines. Ginger peeled tangerine peeled, put into fish belly. Enough water, simmer, simmer, spices are. Eat fish and drink soup when you are still hungry.

Ten Nutritious Dishes For Chronic Abdominal Pain

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